Manifesting abundance

For me, essential oils are an amazing way for me to take time to very purposefully set my intentions. Young Living has some wonderful oils that are made to help manifest your dreams and goals. My fave at the moment is Abundance. One day I had just put Abundance on my wrists and on my chest. Afterwards, I was taking this photo when a text came in with great financial news we were waiting on. I read it and moved on. Afterwards, I put the two and two together... oh my gosh I had put abundance … [Read more...]

The Avocado Story

Yesterday I opened an avocado and it was perfect. If you love avocados, you'll understand that this is right up there with Christmas morning. It's a major win. So I took the pit out as I usually do, and like so many times before I thought to myself, "I should plant this seed to grow my own avocado tree. This pit would make perfect little avocados that I could pluck right from my yard." {enter dream sequence of me diving into a big bowl of perfect avocados...} Now, I've said this nearly … [Read more...]

Punalau Beach (Windmills Beach) West Maui

Located past Honolua Bay as you travel north on the highway, Punalau Beach or Windmills Beach is a tucked away beach of white sand and pine trees. We headed there to have a picnic at the beach, swing on a rope, make boats out of found bamboo and search for heart-shaped rocks.   You can also follow me on twitter for more updates about my latest travel blogs. … [Read more...]

Hiking with Kids in West Maui

Maui has some great spots to take the family on a hike with your hiking poles. Here are a few ideas on the West side. If you head to Kapalua there are a few different hiking trails that are good for the kids. ☛ By DT Fleming beach is a trail that goes back into the valley a bit.  It's easy for kids.  Park at DT Fleming Beach and then walk a small ways back up Lower Honoapiilani, past the preschool, where you'll see the entrance to the trail. It's not long but the perfect length to … [Read more...]

What to do on Maui when it’s raining

It's rain and rainbow season on Maui... my favorite time of year. Don't let that strike fear that your vacation will be a bust. Read on for tips of things to do on Maui when it rains. I remember when we were coming to Maui for a visit and in between packing the diapers and bikinis, I checked the weather report only to find that it was supposed to be raining nearly our entire trip. I was bummed. Rain is not what you think of when planning a trip to paradise. No, umbrellas are not in your … [Read more...]