Aloha! My name is Sarah. I’m a California native who traded traffic filled freeways and the cold West Coast waters for a beach house in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. At three months pregnant with our little girl, my husband and I, along with our son and chocolate labrador, moved all our life possessions to the tiny island of Maui. Now I spend my free time with my husband and 2 children at the beach making sandcastles and splashing in the warm Hawaii waters.

In 2007 I started down the road to becoming a mom entrepreneur and along the way I started Ohana Mama. I wanted to have a place in the blogosphere that highlighted and supported women entrepreneurs. I love coming across a product that serves a purpose and is of good quality and best of all created or run by a woman or a mom.

In addition to Ohana Mama, where you can find reviews, giveaways, interviews and other fun stuff, I write reviews for Peekaboo Picks, The Family Review Network and I love finding cool products for your ohana (family, home, community) and hope you enjoy reading! Leave a comment (or two…), enter our giveaways and support women and mom entrepreneurs!

Mahalo for visiting!

Some Hawaiian lingo I’ve picked up since moving here that I sometimes use in my posts…

Aloha = Hi!, Welcome, Goodbye, love, a feeling of warmth
Ohana= Family, Home, Community
Keiki= Children
Mahalo=Thank you!


  1. Love your blog!! I just found you through Woom at the innsane. My husband, family and I are currently living in Oregon, but bracing ourselves for a move to the islands in the coming year. I love hearing how other people did it and some tips on how to leave family and stuff behind. A lot of great stuff in here !! :)

  2. I just came accross your blog from the header contest. It is soooo cute! I love a blog with a good theme! Adorable and well done!

  3. Keiki Gift Ideas says:

    Hi! I happened to come across your blog (thanks to google alert) and I’m so happy that I did. Hurray for mompreneurs. Love your blog and will be back for more visits!

  4. Hi Sarah! Thanks for following MomFaves on Twitter. Come check out and encourage your readers to submit your blog as a mom favorite.

    Take care,

    Josh & Rebecca
    MomFaves Founders

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