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Who's reading Ohana Mama?Leave me a comment with the name of your blog and link!  I'll create a list from the comments section and update periodically.Mahalo!!  … [Read more...]

It's Three Thoughts Thursday on Ohana Mama, where 3 mom entrepreneurs answer the same 1 question having to do with life, business and being a mom.  Share, learn, growQuestion: What's your favorite social networking site?  And why?"I am a member of a few social networking groups but Twitter is my favorite due to its constant interaction and real in the moment updates. It is like a family of like-minded people sharing coffee, but all over the world! I have met friends and made a few business … [Read more...]

Giveaway! Ohana Mama Wants You To RELAX!

I know us moms are busy and can’t always find time to pamper ourselves but lighting a good smelling candle can do wonders in just minutes. Put it up in your living room so the kiddos can’t get to it and maybe it can even relax your little ones. With my little girl starting to take my son’s toys, I think I may need to buy some of these “harmony” candles (see below) in bulk. Busy mama, Robyn Dinic, from our extended Ohana over at Expecting Results (they sell affordable and discreet home … [Read more...]

Wordless WednesdayMy son drew a portrait of his little sister(he just told me that he forgot to draw the arms.  He wanted me to draw them in on the computer.  Thankfully I have no idea how to do that (not that I would if I did know how to).  To me it's a masterpiece just as it is. … [Read more...]

Calling all Mom Entrepreneurs!

Join us for Three Thoughts Thursday at Ohana Mama!If you are a mom entrepreneur, come join us for Three Thoughts Thursday on Ohana Mama, where three mom entrepreneurs will each answer the same 1 question regarding business and life as a mom entrepreneur.It'll be great to see the other perspectives and maybe we can even learn a little from each other.If you are a mom running her own business and would like to take part, email me your name, company name and web site.This will be a great way to … [Read more...]