Summer heat got cha hanging out more indoors? What the heck do you do when it’s 100 degrees and humid outside and the kids are going crazy all cooped up? Easy. You check out No Time For Flash Cards, a website created by a mom, who just happened to be a preschool teacher before she had her little 1.5 year old boy. With 13 years of working with kids under her belt, this mom has some great ideas and projects up her sleeve!

No Time For Flash Cards offers daily arts and crafts to do with your toddler thru preschool age children. Most materials needed are things you can find around the house and your budding artist can easily turn into great works of art. Each project is usually followed by books relevant to the theme of the project and a very entertaining song, sung by the creator of the site, Allison McDonald. Thanks to these features, I am no longer lost amongst the pile of books when we go to the library and my children don’t have to be limited to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “You are my Sunshine” anymore (bad mommy!).

So run, don’t walk, over to No Time For Flash Cards, pick out a craft, scour your house for the materials and sit down tomorrow and make great art with your kiddos. They will love it! Get those refrigerator magnets ready to plaster their new masterpieces up and be sure go get yourself one frame…every week you can put a new piece of your child’s art in it and hang it proudly where all visitors to your home can see it. Your little one will be so pleased, I am sure!

Bonus for Summer: For those that may have older kids home for the summer, Allison has added what’s called “Nap Creations” crafts – they are for the older child to do while the little ones are napping (or when they should be napping, that is ;)).

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