Great Tool for Beginning Writers from The Little Stamp Company

My 3.5 year old son, my first born, will be going to preschool in less than a month! sniff sniff. In preparation of this milestone we’ve been having him practice writing his name. He has the letters down for his nickname (it’s shorter and easier for him to write) but he mixes them up sometimes. I was reading Cool Mom Picks recently and stumbled upon this great tool for beginning writers!

It’s made by Little Stamp Co. and it was, of course, created by a mom. It’s a self inking stamp that has your child’s name written on it in tiny dots. So you can stamp it on their paper and they can connect the dots and learn how to write their name! Genius! And the best part, right NOW, it’s on sale for $19.95 (two days ago it wasn’t, so jump on it now, ladies!).


  1. Gary Brandi Jackson and Makena says:

    awesome! i have been looking for SOMETHING like this! i’ve been wanting to work with my son on his name, and have tried to do this myself with pen and paper, but it just doesn’t come out! I will definately be ordering one of these. he starts preschool this fall too!

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