Moms of Boys…This One is for You!

I am flipping for Flippee, The Toilet Shield!

Potty training can be tough! Even when you have a little one that is eager to go to the bathroom on the potty, it can get messy. Between not making it to the potty and making it but being off on aim, it’s enough to drive any mom nuts!

At least it was, until I received the Flippee! This great item was invented by a mom of three boys (bless her heart!), to help control the messes that can happen when boys are learning to stand while peeing. It was a snap to put on to our toilet and even easier for my son, who is 3.5 years old, to use all by himself…ahhh the freedom!

The Flippee Toilet Shield is a piece of soft molded plastic that you simply put onto your toilet via suction cups to create sort of a urinal for your boys. That way while they are practicing their aim, any little wandering splashes don’t end up on your toilet, especially behind the seat, where it’s hard to clean.

The Flippee itself is miles easier to clean with just a quick wipe down. But, if my son happened to flip it down before I could clean it, no worries. It was created with “drip lip protection” to catch any left over, umm, wetness.

What I especially love about the Flippee is that when it’s not in use it easily flips down around the base for out-of-the-way storage. And is non obtrusive, which is great in shared bathrooms!

So if you are sick of cleaning all the nooks and crannies around and behind your toilet due to your little training man, like I was, I highly suggest the Flippee. It’s so easy, as their tag line says, “Just Flip and Pee!”

The Flippee is made in the U.S.A. and can be purchased on their website, regularly $24.95. BUT, right now thru August 14th, Ohana Mama readers will receive 15% off. Just use the code OHANAMAMA. Mahalo to Flippee!


  1. lchamrick says:

    We love our flippee! The boys are asking me to buy more for all the toilets!

    Laura Hamrick

  2. Gary Brandi Jackson and Makena says:

    not only would this work for my son, it would work for my husband too! thanks mama for sharing!

  3. Michele P. says:

    I think some of the BIG BOYS in our office could use this too, we share a bathroom with them and there is nothing like going in after they use it and having to wipe down everything because they forgot to aim…yuck. But I do think it’s a great concept for those little ones, my son would have loved this as a kid!

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