It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Your Kid!

My son is totally into super heros now. It’s so fun. But he tells me he can’t be a super hero with out a cape. Duh. So I took a blanket and made a make-shift cape for him. He was so happy, smiling ear to ear. He quickly ran away proclaiming his super hero status. No sooner did the words come out of his mouth when off fell his cape. Damn damn damn.

He was bummed, angry, defeated. I was…rushing to find something else that would work. He was in tears, the moment was over. Ugh. Yes this is life in my house. With my sensitive 3.5 year old, I mean, my SUPER HERO!

So started my search for a cool cape for my little super hero. I wanted to support some super hero moms so I headed over to Etsy for some hand-made goods. And I think I found just the right one!

Made by DiscoveryDenim, these super hero capes look like they are made of great quality fabric. The neck goes up in the back for the “more dramatic” super hero events. And the best part, that has me sold, is that they snap around the neck instead of using velcro, which can scratch or get all sorts of fuzz stuck to it, or ribbon which just scares me.

DiscoveryDenim’s super hero capes are equally cute for both boys and girls. From a skull and cross bones to a heart, placed smack dab in the middle of the back. Or simply, yet powerfully, your child’s initial, these capes are sure to help your little hero soar!


  1. Those capes are so cute! My son however is into wrestling and wrestlers, so I am in the process of buying him really funky arm bands or sleeves. :)

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