Aloha Friday Finds

Back on the mainland most say, T.G.I.F. (thank god it’s Friday).
Here in Hawaii, it’s called Aloha Friday. The day of the week that has an even more laid back feel and everyone is getting ready for the weekend. To listen to the song, Aloha Friday, click here. Warning! It will be in your head all day…but that isn’t such a bad thing, now is it?

Kimo Kahoano – Aloha Friday – Kimo Kahoano

In honor of Aloha Friday I will be posting cool finds that have a Hawaiian, surfer or beach theme every Friday. If you have an item that would fit Aloha Friday Finds, email me

This week’s find is for the pregnant mamas…
Flaunt It Maternity

This Hawaii based company has really cute maternity tees. I wish I had found these last year when I was pregnant with my little girl. They even have a few that are only $5! Crazy! And be sure to check out their kids stuff too.Click to go to their store
Shown: RED HOT HIBISCUS tee in canary yellow. Says, “Flowerchild”


  1. Julie N says:

    Aloha Friday to you too! I had the pleasure of visiting the Hawaiian Islands when I was a teenager and even then I picked up on the laid back atmosphere. This song just brings all that back! :)

  2. Gary Brandi Jackson and Makena says:

    you have no idea how many memories that song brings back! aloha friday!

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