Capes, Capes, Everywhere are Capes!

You know how when you buy a car all of a sudden you keep seeing that same car everywhere? Well it’s happening to me, but now I seem to be attracting super hero capes. Wow, is this The Secret at work or what?

So I found some other super duper cute capes from a company called EllieBellieKids. They are $30 and again, no velcro or ribbon for the neck – woohoo! While there check out the ADORABLE reversable tutus and mini messenger bags.

From their site…”

The EBK Cape is a must-have for all kids who dream of saving the day. Made from machine washable cotton, EBK Capes are equipped with a quick release magnetic clasp—thus preventing the potential for neck injuries if the cape is ever snagged or pulled. Our ever popular Cape has been a hit with parents who long for classic toys that engage and inspire the imagination of children.

The design on the back is sewn (not heat-transferred) to ensure your super hero enjoys a long super hero career with his/her cape intact.”


(ok, I think I am done talking about capes…for now, hahaha!)

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