Aloha Friday Finds on Ohana Mama

It’s Aloha Friday, No Work Till Monday…Sing it with me…and if you don’t know the words, click here to listen.

Happy Aloha Friday everyone. Today in our Aloha Friday Finds I bring you Surfer’s Secret Sand Eliminator.  Did you know that baby powder can take sand right off?  No more washing your feet to get the sand off, only to pick up even more sand on your way home.  And no more bringing all that sand into your house and in your shower…HOORAY!

From their site…

Surfer’s Secret Sand Eliminator is a blend of all natural ingredients.  It’s all natural, plant derived and biodegradable.  Made up of corn starch, silicone dioxide, aloe vera, grape seed oil and fragrance.

Of course this was created by two moms who have 5 children between the two of them.  Go check it out and stay sand free the rest of the summer!

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