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Question: What’s your favorite social networking site?  And why?

“I am a member of a few social networking groups but Twitter is my favorite due to its constant interaction and real in the moment updates. It is like a family of like-minded people sharing coffee, but all over the world! I have met friends and made a few business relationships that may lead to great things in the future! For now, it is my top-pick for networking!”
Jill Caren, Owner

“I am not sure if “forums” are considered social networking sites, but I love forums – my favorite. It’s the first thing I check in the morning before I start my work. It allows me to socialize and network at the same time. I also use facebook but for family and close friends only.”
Imie Belanger, Owner

“My favorite social networking site for my business is Twitter. My favorite personal social networking site is Faceboook. I love Twitter for my business as I can connect to potential clients and also set myself up as an expert in my field by offering expert tips throughout my work day. I usually post a tip after I have learned something new or helped someone with a technology issue. I’m hoping that as I build my Twitter database, my blog readership will also increase. I prefer Facebook for my personal social networking site because of the privacy it affords. I love that people have to ask for permission to see my profile. I know I can set that up in MySpace, but it seems to be a bit more of a headache. I also love that the ads in Facebook are for the most part clean. I work with teenagers in my full-time job and see Facebook as a safer place for them to connect than MySpace. When I eventually let my son have a social networking account, it will be with Facebook.”
Lorie Mitchell, Web Designer and Developer

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