Lil’ Aloha Babies Waves n’ Wonders DVD

If you’ve ever gone to Hawaii or if you’d ever like to go to Hawaii, you MUST check out Lil Aloha Babies DVD. Pop it in and sit back with your keiki (children) and be prepared to go on a wonderful adventure to the Hawaiian sea and beaches.

Produced by Local Girl Productions, a mom owned company, Lil Aloha Babies Waves n’ Wonders DVD teaches babies, toddlers and preschoolers all about things in, on and around the seas and beaches of Hawaii.
I watched this DVD with my son (3.5 years old) and daughter (10 months) and both were equally entertained and enamored. I, myself, was instantly pleased with the music in Lil’ Aloha Babies Waves n’ Wonders. It wasn’t like most children’s DVDs, where the musical choices grate on my nerves or give me an instant headache. Instead it had soothing, calm songs along with fun, upbeat, make-me-want-to-dance songs and all of them made me feel like I was in Hawaii. Oh wait! I am. But my point is, this is a true, accurate DVD about Hawaii and our sea life found around the islands. It’s authentic and really teaches a piece of Hawaiian culture. I so wish I had this before we moved to Hawaii, a year and a half ago!

In this half an hour DVD, each segment starts with an English word and its translation in Hawaiian. With each word spelled out in block letters it gave my son great practice in recognizing his letters. It was even educational for me. I learned a ton of Hawaiian words and now we are all trying to use them in the house every chance we can. There’s beautiful footage of the sea life around Hawaii, fun action surf shots and my kids favorite, the animated turtle and crab.
Winner of four awards, including three Telly Awards and one Videographer Award, Lil Aloha Babies Waves n’ Wonders is a wonderfully educational, entertaining and beautiful DVD for keiki everywhere. I highly recommend it.
Lil Aloha Babies Waves n’ Wonder can be purchased on their website at for $18.99. If you are in love with Hawaii or want your little one to appreciate the beautiful ocean, go buy this DVD. And while, it’s cheaper than a visit to Hawaii, Lil’ Aloha Waves n’ Wonders DVD really delivers the same feeling of Aloha.  
Mahalo to Island Girl Productions for making this great DVD!

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