Paci Plushies Hush The Fussies

It’s 3 a.m., your little baby starts to fuss. And fuss.  And fuss.  She is now fully awake (as are you) and crying.  And she wants her pacifier!  
You go to get it for her but in the dark you can’t find the damn thing.  You know it has to be there somewhere.  Do you turn on the light and risk waking your now screaming infant even more?  Do you have another one in your purse? Nope.  The diaper bag?  Ugh, no.  

You break down, turn on the blinding light and sure enough there, stuck in between the mattress and crib slots is your beloved pacifier.  You clean it, pop it in her mouth, rock rock rock her and finally off to sleep she goes.  You drag yourself back to your bed and try your best to get back to sleep.  Just as you start to drift off, you hear the fussing start again. And the pacifier hunt and retrieval start all over again….

If you can relate to this story at all, and I know so many of us can, then you have got to read on. 
Announcing a mom’s new best friend, Paci Plushies!  Adorable plush animals that attach to nearly all pacifiers making them easier to find. They help you locate your pacifier, keep your little one happy with a lovey and best of all, they can be used with your baby’s favorite pacifier!!  This is big news ladies.  
We all know that every baby is different and to them, not all pacifiers are created equal.  Paci Plushies, invented by a mom, have the patent pending Hug Ring that can attach to most pacifiers. This allows you to also take the pacifier off for cleaning both the plush toy and the paci. Genius I say!

The Paci Plushies gang is made up of Paisley The Panda, Koko The Koala, Cuddles The Cat, P-Nut The Puppy and Milo The Monkey. With this adorable bunch, you are sure to find a favorite for your little one.
We’re so so excited that Paci Plushies has offered to sponsor a give away on Ohana Mama. One lucky reader will win the Paci Plushies of your choice. 
Here’s how to enter… 
Go visit the Paci Plushies web site.  Take a look around, come back and leave a comment with which one you’d like to own.
Receive an exta entry for blogging about this contest and linking to Ohana Mama and Paci Plushies – please post another comment to let us know that you blogged.

Deadline: August 10th at midnight Hawaii time.  The winner will be chosen at random.  You will have three days to claim your prize if you win.  Mahalo Paci Plushies for sponsoring this giveaway!   

We have a winner!

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2008-08-11 23:14:11 UTC

Congratulations Allyssa!


  1. Baby Sweet Pea says:

    Oh the monkey, he’s so adorable! He’s the favorite at our house!

  2. motherink says:

    Love the panda-gender neutral!

  3. I love Milo the Monkey too! :) purposedrivenlife4you(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. I’m totally loving Milo the monkey!
    Hopefully this would help Lil S during naps and bedtime

  5. The monkey is so cute! We would want him!

  6. libbysmom says:

    I love milo the monkey, and I think my son would too!
    kellybourland at yahoo dot com

  7. I would love Milo the Monkey! I think it would help my three-month-old daughter keep her pacifier in her mouth, too, which would be great! So cute, thanks!

    ladyufshalott at yahoo dot com

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