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It’s Three Thoughts Thursday on Ohana Mama, where 3 mom entrepreneurs answer the same 1 question having to do with life, business and being a mom.
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Question: Between having kids and running a business or blog, life can get pretty chaotic. What would be your #1 piece of advice on how to stay organized?”

“Improvisation. I was going to say routine but really that is what I wish would be the most important but life is not that predictable. My blog is based around doing activities with your children and I include pictures of my son doing them in many of my posts, which means not only do I have to do something, but I have to have a happy toddler cooperate too. So I will often improvise, change plans and end up filling the sink with bubbles and let him splash. In the meantime I think up an activity that doesn’t need glue since mine is MIA, recharge the batteries in my camera I forgot to do the night before, or simply remember that he is more important than anything and what I need to be doing at that point is splashing in bubbles with him . If you are able to improvise you can piece together what you planned to do, after you do what needs to get done.” Allison McDonald, No Time For Flash Cards

“Being a busy mom and business owner, I feel it is important to schedule my work time and keep a comprehensive calendar that includes business, personal and family activities. Scheduling my work times helps me stay focused on my work and tells my family that this is “my time” and they do not interrupt me. Keeping a white board calendar with all events helps me to keep on top of everything. Everyone in the family can see it so we are all able to plan accordingly.” Janene Jaroscak, Trending Solutions, LLC and Founder of Dynamic Women Entrepreneurs Conference

“As a small business owner and a single mom, my number one way of staying organized is to keep just one calendar that lists all of my personal as well as business events on it. I color code the entries by type – as to whether they are personal, business or school related. That way I can tell at a glance if one aspect of my life is taking over the other. It also cuts down on the stress of double booking or missing important events in my son’s life. Another way I organize myself is to keep my “action needed items” like bills, school forms and such in one basket. That way both receive the priority they each deserve. But I do separate out my filing cabinets for business or personal only. It can be a tricky juggle for sure! But for me, the mixing of my two worlds actually helps me stay better organized.” Annika Pfluger, Red Thread Confections

Now it’s your turn…How do you stay organized? Or do you? Leave a comment and let’s keep the conversation going!

Mahalo ladies for sharing your three thoughts on this lovely Thursday!


  1. Mary Kay Russell says:

    Outlook is my lifesaver! The calendar keeps my life in order, for business and famiy — because so often appointments for both overlap. And of course, the huge mother of all calendars — hanging on a door in my kitchen — that contains all family related activities.

    I also keep a file folder for each of my kids in a file cabinet that's close to my kitchen. I put important papers in the folders that I'll need to refer to during the course of the year — like school physical forms, copies of school schedules, locker combinations, sports calendars & rosters, report cards for the year, field trip info, etc. At the end of every school year, I purge the old stuff & make room for the new! This system keeps me sane!

  2. Paper for me too! Every morning I make a list of what I would like to accomplish for the day and even the week (of course I add to it every day :) ). The emails in the inbox are also a reminder, as someone else mentioned. Oh, and a notepad next to the bed.

  3. Cindy C. says:

    What a great question. This is near to my heart, as organizing is what I do for my business. Three things that help me focus. 1. Clean off my desk every night. 2. Make a list at night for the next day. That way, I can sleep without thinking of all that “stuff” and 3. Glance through it in the am to see what’s pressing.

  4. Amber Star says:

    I have a pen and paper schedule too – and I learned the hard way to keep all the family, personal, and business items on ONE schedule. I try to update my to-do list every night so I have some sanity and know where I’m going in the morning.

    I also learned that when holidays come around everything gets derailed, so I plan for business activities to get derailed now – personal priority, I try to focus on the kids needs more during these times.

    All that being said, it’s a balancing act of give and take every singe day and I love it!

  5. Cher & Gene Klosner says:

    Another calendar-on-the-fridge gal righ there :) We all put our plans/commitments on the one calendar, so we are always aware of other commitments before we commit to anything else :)

  6. My inbox is my to-do list. Any emails still in my inbox need to be tended to. It reminds me to answer them, mail something etc.

  7. Rick Bucich says:

    Online banking and my indispensable Yahoo Calendar. The calendar can send me e-mail or text messages to remind me of important tasks and is set up with recurring dates such as birthdays so they carry over from one year to another. I can even invite people to events and get them to RSVP so I know who is coming.

    Nope…I don’t work for Yahoo or own stock, just found the tool to be a lifesaver.

  8. journey2learn says:

    DH is always laughing at me because I am a total tech geek when it comes to gadgets but like jill c…my schedule is old fashion pen and paper.

  9. With all of the techno gadgets and online stuff, I just love a plain old piece of paper! I live by my 3 ring binder filled with my life!! I have tried everything, but an old fashioned notebook is what I use to keep me on top of things!

  10. nicole viola says:

    I definitely have to sit down in the morning and plan out what I want to do during the day. Recently I learned about “MITs- Most Important Things”- this has really helped me. Getting those 2-3 MITs done is a totally attainable goal, and then I’m free to be flexible with my time with my daughter otherwise. If I don’t get everything done on my to-do list, it’s okay. I like feeling like I at least accomplished something.

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