Three Thoughts Thursday Needs YOU!

Three Thoughts Thursday on Ohana Mama is where 3 mom entrepreneurs answer the same 1 question having to do with life, business and being a mom.
And we need YOU!
If you are a mom entrepreneur and would like to participate, please email me
(email button is on the right hand side of my blog—>). 
I will put you on the list for the weeks to follow.  It’ll be first come, first serve each week – I will just go down the list until I find someone that wants to answer that week’s question.  If you are unable to do it that week I will put your name back on the list for the next week.  I will email you by Monday with the question and will need your answer back by Wednesday Noon PST. 

It’s a great way to feature your business (logo and/or picture as well as site are displayed) and for us all to share, learn & grow from one another! 

Look forward to hearing from you! Mahalo!

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