What did I do before I found ListPlanIt?!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about this cool blog where you can find list for anything and everything.  Well, little did I know, that was just the tip of this list-happy iceburg!  List Mama Blog is actually run by Jennifer Tankersle, a mom of three and creator of the fabulous list-filled site, ListPlanIt.com.

If you are like me, and a bit scatterbrained (between the house, kids, hubby, business, blog, who isn’t scattered?!) then you’ve got to check out ListPlanIt.com!  It’s a wonderful site that has already-made lists for almost every facet of your life.  
Through a three-month or 12 month subscription, you have access to over 300 printable list and planning pages.  I love that I can fill them out on my computer and then print them out right there or keep adding to my list throughout the day. For example today I went and got the Blog Planning Page.  I’ve kept it up and as my emails with people to be featured came back I simply filled out my planner. Then at the end of the day I can either save it to my computer or print it out to be put on my bulletin board.

ListPlanIt.com has a ton of lists and planners, far too many for me to list but some of my favorite are (from their site):

“GOALS AND ACHIEVEMENTS — Ever feel like you’re tires are spinning but you’re not getting anywhere? Write down just what you want to push yourself to do during a week and then be sure to record your accomplishments.”

“A MONTH OF BLOG TOPICS — Plot out a month’s worth of blog topics on one page. Coordinate posts with holidays, current events, and vacations.”

“BABYSITTER QUICK LIST — Need a sitter tonight? Can’t remember names or phone numbers or even where you wrote them down?”

“MONTHLY BILL/EXPENSES SCHEDULE — List everything that must be paid during the Month here. Include the Due Date or the Date of Automatic Withdrawal.”

“GROCERY LIST (WITH MENU) — Sometimes it is not easy to remember why you wrote something on the list. If you have written your menu for the next week or two here, then you might not be surprised when you see Feta Cheese on the list.”

This is a fantastic site! This mom inventor even helps you organize your list with a how-to step-by-step section on her site. From business planning, home life, birthdays, meals, pregnancy journals, travel planning, you name it, ListPlanIt.com has it. 

The service is $9.95 for three months and $29.95 for a year. That’s a whole lot cheaper than a nice organizer – and those come blank! Go check them out and get organized with ListPlanIt.com! 
Be sure to sign up for her L.I.S.T. newsletter while you are there to get a FREE Website Favorites List and more planning pages delivered weekly!

Mahalo Jennifer for such a great site, you are saving my sanity!


  1. Like always I am late reading this.. but its great I need to head on over there ASAP

  2. The month of blog topics sounds cool. I’m always at a loss of what to write about :)

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