Wordless Wednesday (kinda)

Bud was our first baby

In Tahoe

Bud, working on his chocolate lab tan

We brought Bud to Maui to retire.  And boy did he!

He loved splashing in the ocean and then laying in the sand. 
No ball?  No problem.  Just throw him a rock or coconut and Bud was on it.  He’d even dive under water to get to a rock.  He was a huge, gentle guy with a bark that made me feel safe.  
He was the absolute best.
In Memory of Bud
The best damn dog ever
We Miss You!


  1. oooh is he pretty!! I miss my doggie to looking for a new pal!

  2. Erin Tales says:

    This is a sweet way to remember him. He looked so at home on the beach. Beautiful.

  3. lchamrick says:

    What a place to retire, and what a sweet tribute.

  4. RIP Bud, you will be missed!!!

  5. So sorry for your loss! Hugs!!

  6. Jill C/Modern9 Photo Design says:

    OMG he is beautiful-you can see how happy he is. I am sorry for the loss!

  7. Bud is a sweetie! I’m sure he is missed. I’m sure he loved his retirement years :)

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