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Question: Working from home can be a tough scheduling act! When is your favorite time to get some work done or have “me” time? Do you put time aside during the day? Find time during naps? Are you a night owl? Or do you wake extra early to find time for you?”

“HA!! What’s “me” time?? I used to have plenty before my 1 ½ year old came on the scene. But I love every second of it!! I usually try to get my work done when my son is taking a nap, but since he has been transitioning to one nap a day it’s been a lot harder. I do work when he is up but I try to balance some time playing with him and let him play on his own. It is definitely a matter of managing my time. I try to stick to a schedule, but as everyone with children knows, they have a way of throwing a wrench in those plans. I am definitely a night owl. My husband and I usually don’t go to bed until midnight or so, so I have time in the evenings to work as well. Although I prefer to spend it with my husband since the days are so crazy. I really look forward to that 7:30pm bedtime for my son. I have to say that I am very lucky because my husband’s job allows him to work from home a few days a week and that helps tremendously.”

Carole Lindstrom,

Whimsical Children’s Clothing that is Fair Trade made in South Africa

“Having a product per day website, things are constantly changing. The first thing I do every morning is check the site to see if it’s working correctly. If I can get in things that I have to do that day before the girls wake up, I feel pretty accomplished. I’m most productive in the mornings. I always have been. But sometimes, you just can’t control when things need to be done and I often work many hours in the evening after the girls are asleep. It’s great having a business partner because we totally complement each other and back each other up when we need to. I’m still trying to figure out that whole finding time for myself thing. My favorite is when my husband takes the girls to breakfast so I can just be alone in a quiet house.”

Jacki Caplan, Co-Owner of

“I carve out time whenever I can find it. I wake up before 5:30 am to exercise, but always check the site before stepping on the treadmill. I work while the kids are in preschool, or playing, or while the water’s boiling to make noodles, or on my iphone at a stoplight. And every night I tell myself I’m shutting down the computer by 8:30 and going to bed, yet somehow, it’s always around 10 before it actually happens. I’m fortunate that I’m in business with my partner – we cover for each other when one’s got “life” going on and can’t focus on work. Mornings are best but only because by the time the sun goes down, my eyelids start going with it…..”

Shane Shaps, Co-Owner of

“My favorite time to work is when everyone is asleep for the night. I find that I can get more done is a good chunk of time than little spurts throughout the day. It’s amazing how much you can get done in 3+ hours! I also have a unique situation in which my husband works freelance. His schedule can range from 3 days on/2 days off, or 4 days on/1 day off, etc.. He doesn’t mind watching the kids, even taking them out of the house so that I can get work done. However, there are many times that he is books weeks on end…my time is extremely limited during that schedule so I revert to being a night owl. 
Working at night does not always work as I need to make some business calls throughout the day. I usually reserve those calls naptime IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. Because these calls span both East Coast (3 hours ahead) and Hawaii (3 hours behind), there is always that time difference challenge. 
I separate my “me” time from my “me work” time. My “me” time is anything from trying out new restaurants with my girlfriends to running an errand sans kids! It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it’s just the break I need to relax and rejuvenate!”

Tammy Apana, President of Local Girl Productions, Inc. 

Creator of Lil’ Aloha Babies

When do YOU find “me” time or get work done?  
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  1. Usually while the kids are sleeping, or watching mind-numbing cartoons :)

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