The Soundtrack To Your Life…

My good friend and a “Dadpreneur” himself, just started an endeavor, Eagle Ear Entertainment.  On his blog he posed the question “What is the soundtrack to your life?”

I actually think of this quite often.  If we are doing something fun, something sad, something new, even just driving, I will think of a song that fits that event. So, what’s the soundtrack to your life? Head on over to Eagle Ear Entertainment’s blog and read what my soundtrack is and while there leave a comment on what your’s is.  


  1. Sarah! Thanks for the plug! That was very nice of you. I just read your comment to my blog and found your entry very compelling. I enjoyed reading how music help you see clarity in your relationship. So, thank goodness for music, ’cause you and Greg have a wonderful relationship and two beautiful children as a result of your love for each other. All Day and Night!

    Cheers and many Thanks!

    Your friend,

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