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Question: What are your top three must-visit web sites every day? And why?

My three must-visit websites every day…
This is how I start my day. I go straight to the coffee pot and start a pot of decaf. It’s not the caffeine that gets me going, it’s the warm coffee taste that gets me started for the day. Then, I head straight for the computer. I like to have a little quiet time on the computer to catch up on my fellow mompreneurs on They have such wonderful news to share about their business ventures and give me tons of tips to help me along the way on my own journey. At the same time I am checking up on my fellow twitters on I love to check out what they are blogging about, what they’ve got going on for the day, what exciting stuff they have going on in their lives and see what contests I can enter and win goodies. The third website that I’d say is a must-visit every day would have to be my own website I’m always trying to make improvements, moving things around and just checking to make sure things are running smoothly.”
Courtney Velasquez, Owner of  The Apple of My Eye

“ – LOVE the support, wisdom, encouragement and just plain old camaraderie with like-minded women on this site. There are women in all types of businesses and in all stages of their business. I’ve learned more here than in my business classes in college. ;) – I’m big on relationships…whether they lead to business or not. I love people. I’ve really enjoyed finding former (we don’t use the “old” word anymore…lol) friends from high school and college. Plus, I’ve found so many new friends to chat with. I also have a business page for each of our businesses – Streamside Farm and The Clever Container Co. The last one is listed on facebook as Cindy’s Clever Container. – This is another great site for women in business…different businesses, different stages, again. Lots of help and encouragement here, too.”

Cindy Chrysler – Founding Organizational Consultant, The Clever Container Co. & Co-owner of Streamside Farm

“My 3 must visit sites every day…
1. – I work from home and Twitter is my office water cooler. It’s a great place to quickly share what you are up to and see what your “colleagues” are doing. I check twitter from my computer while I am working and on my Blackberry while I am out!
2. – Yes, that’s my own store but I always have it open on my browser. I am either checking stock to make sure I everything is current, adding new items, logging orders, email customers and well a plethora of other things. It’s always a work in progress so I am there all the time.
3. – I admit, I am a One Goodie junkie! I have a quick link on my toolbar so that I never forget to check it. I live on the west coast so usually I get a sneak peek at the next days item before I go to bed. Love the concept of One Goodie and love all the new exciting products that I find on there!”

Amy Trusler, Owner of Tote and Tee and Tres Fun
Nifty Tees from A to Z

Now it’s your turn…what are your top 3 must-visit web sites? 
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  1. Gosh, that’s tough. I would say Twitter, MomDot and Ohana Mama :) and Mompreneur, oops, that’s 4!

  2. From my computer I visit Yahoo to check my email, to check up on all my friends and usually

    From my phone I am constantly checking yahoo, facebook and myspace :)

  3. Only three? Non-family related:
    Ohana Mama – of course – and

    I am sneaking three family ones in, too. My blog (MyBruteSquad), my work in progress (More Than Dick and Jane) and then my husband’s blog – Bodybuilding Contest Prep. All available from my profile or links on MyBruteSquad.

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