5 Minutes Apart: Labor Bags and Breastfeeding Survival Kits

In honor of my good friend having her baby just today at 3 a.m. in the morning (!!!) I bring to you 5 Minutes Apart, a wonderful online store offering pre-packed hospital bags and breastfeeding survival kits.  

There comes a time during your pregnancy when you all of a sudden realize that you will be having this child soon and you won’t be pregnant forever.  You start to nest, cleaning out every closet, taking a toothbrush to the tile in your bathroom – crazy crazy things that you would never normally do (or at least this is the case for me – I stink at housework, truly).  And added to that frenzy is your mission to have the ultimate hospital bag packed and ready to go, sitting by the door in anticipation of you rushing along with your hubby out of the house to go have that baby.
I know with my first I didn’t want to leave anything out of my bag.  So I checked for online lists of what to pack, then drove around crazily trying to find all the goodies I might just possibly need.  When I went to the hospital I found there were things I had forgotten (like a nursing bra (doh!) and things for my hubby (oopsy!) and a bunch of stuff I never even used.  It would have been so much easier if I had just gone to 5 Minutes Apart and bought one of their already-packed hospital bags – what at time saver that would have been!
At 5 Minutes Apart they offer 3 fabulous pre-packed hospital bags for mom in three prices, choose from their starting line “Expecting Essentials” to the top of the line mother-of all hospital bags, “Due for Indulgence” which even comes with a robe for mom.  Each comes in fabulous looking bags that I am sure you will reuse for trips or over nights at Grandma and Grandpas.
5 Minutes Apart hasn’t left Dad out of the bag either.  They have a wonderful hospital bag for the Proud Papa who is most likely shacking up on a either a cot, a window sill turned into a bed or a chair that they call a bed cause the footrest goes up (our poor men!)  So indulge him too with this awesome bag for Dad that includes a bunch of goodies including neck support for sitting up right nights and socks for the cold (brrrrr) hospital rooms.
I also love 5Minutes Apart Breastfeeding survival kits.  Let’s face it, breastfeeding is hard so start off on a good foot with this awesome kit, which includes (from their site)
“The Breastfeeding Survival Kit includes the My Breast Friend Deluxe nursing pillow with an extra slip cover. The ergonomic design of this nursing pillow places your baby in the optimal position for breastfeeding, while the super soft fabric feels great and is gentle and safe for your baby’s tender new skin! Also included in the kit are Soothies healing gel pads (for sore nipples), washable nursing pads, and Boobie Tubes hot/cold pack for engorgement, last but not least is one of our favorite products, Belli’s Pure Comfort Nursing Cream. You would spend $136.00 if purchasing these (or similar) products individually! The Breastfeeding Survival Kit, saving your budget and the environment, one washable nursing pad at a time!!!”

I was able to try these washable nursing pads and they are great.  And get softer each time I wash them – big bonus!
5 Minutes Apart also sells breastfeeding bras, tanks and pajamas, essentials for baby-to-be, and even c-section healing kits.  5 Minutes apart is your one-stop shop when getting ready for the impending birth of your little one.  Save yourself time, gas and worry with buying your hospital essentials at 5 Minutes for Mom, I wish I had known about this site when I was pregnant with my children!  www.5minutesapart.com

For Ohana Mama Readers: Right now 5 Minutes Apart is offering a 10% discount, just use the code “OhanaMama”. Mahalo 5 Minutes Apart!


  1. I have one of these pre-packed hospital bags. They are delightful!

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