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It’s Three Thoughts Thursday on Ohana Mama, where 3 mom entrepreneurs answer the same 1 question having to do with life, business and being a mom.
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This week we’ve got a two-parter about partnerships.

Question:  First, how did you two find each other and enter into a partnership? (Were you friends? Family? Did one start the biz and then asked the other to join? etc) 

And second, what are your top three favorite things about being in a partnership?

“My mother and I decided to go into business together after receiving such an overwhelming response to a gift concept we had come up with and given to a close friend for a Wedding. We live on opposite coasts and speak daily. Our business is a great way to enjoy our relationship and to work on something together.”

Top 3 Favorite Things About Running A Business Together

*”Spending time with my daughter” -Alana Lennie
*”Building something together that represents the best of both of us.” -Kendall Morris
*”Doing what I love with one of my best friends.” -Kendall Morris

Kendall Morris & Alana Lennie, Blue Top Hat®

“‘The Tale of Babyluxe’
Sarah Masci and Dana Blake met over 7 years ago through mutual friends in Charlotte, NC. Both were from upstate NY, the same age, and had plenty in common so they bonded quickly! In the summer of 2007, Sarah sat down one night and started Babyluxe {daily}. After the New Year, Dana began writing as a guest editor for Babyluxe {daily} on a regular basis. One day in late Winter 2008, Sarah proposed a joint partnership that Dana could not refuse. It’s been margarita night meetings and fabulous fun ever since!”

Top 3 favorite things about being in a partnership:

-Having someone who is like a sister to work with on a daily basis {I have only boys in my house, so Sarah is my outlet}
-Knowing someone is always there to help you out {as I am overwhelmed with life at times, Sarah is there to back me up as a friend and with work related stuff}
-Our meetings! No stuffy conference rooms here! Mexican restaurants, play date Tuesdays, or chips, dips, and drinks…that’s how we get things done!

-Dana and I work so well as a team! We see eye to eye on just about everything, regarding what we like/don’t like/ our vision for the business, etc
-We play off each other’s strengths – she’s the organized one & I am the analytical one!
-I LOVE both of our commitments to the job, even with the “low pay”!

Sarah Masci and Dana Blake, Babyluxe {daily}

“Good Thoughts Paper Co. was almost started by accident, really. We were hosting a baby shower for a family member together and wanted to come up with some unique shower favors for the guests that also matched our theme perfectly. Somehow we were working on the idea of creating small personalized note pads that would be tied with an adorable bow at the top of the pad (we later called these Bow Pads). The guests just loved them and we received so many compliments. After that we began getting requests for them and also started giving them as gifts; to friends, family and teachers. The next thing we knew we were brainstorming business names, and then we were all of the sudden running with it. 

We both agree that our top three favorite things about being in business as partners are:

1. It never feels like work. Not only are we business partners, we are sisters-in-law, and also really close friends. So everything we do for our business (even the tedious tasks) seem like fun!
2. We can bounce creative ideas off of one another and get honest feedback. We are in this together so no one benefits by trying to be nice in order to spare feelings. We would both suffer, so we are completely open and honest.
3. With having a partner comes the luxury of having someone who knows exactly what you are going through while launching and running a business as an entreprenuerial women, It is priceless to have eachother to talk to and to get a new perspective when you start to feel overwhelmed, and yes that happens occasionally :).”

Tori & Courtney Tait, Good Thoughts Paper Co.


  1. Darlene - Our Creative Life says:

    Oh I see my fellow mompreneurs! Yeah! If you run out of mompreneurs to feature…I’m available..hint hint!

  2. Kendall Morris says:

    Thanks for featuring The Blue Top Hat®! We are always inspired by other women business owners. I think we may have to adopt the festive approach. I’m thinking “Margarita Mondays”!

  3. I always look forward to your Two Thoughts Thursdays. So many talented women out there :)

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