Pick Me! Pick Me!

Thanks to a couple of awesome readers I have been nominated for a Dottie Award for Cheer Captain on MomDot.com! 

I love love love to cheer on fellow mom entrepreneurs and moms in general and I am so stoked that you gals picked up on that. I really want to bring more attention to moms with great products or services through Ohana Mama and I’m excited that it’s working!

In honor of my nomination, I’ve got a Cheer for ya, but of course…

We’re Ohana
Ohana Mama!
We cheer you on,
We really wanna
We have reviews
and contests too
Go Ohana
Ohana Mama!

Now, Go Vote! Voting ends 9/22.
Go Team Ohana Mama!


  1. Rick Bucich says:

    You’re winning! Good Luck!

  2. DeAnna Prescott says:

    I voted for you!

  3. Hi Sarah! I voted for you on the Dottie Awards and you are in the lead!
    Would you vote for me and/or campaign for me to be Most Likely to Succeed?
    I never have any luck in these popularity contests! Any help would be much appreciated!
    All the best,

  4. I voted for ya!

  5. You got my vote!

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