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It’s Three Thoughts Thursday on Ohana Mama, where 3 mom entrepreneurs answer the same 1 question having to do with life, business and being a mom.
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Question: How do you stay motivated? 

What do you do when you get in a business rut?

“I am naturally a driven and creative person. So I try and use a rut, or downturn as a chance to brainstorm new ideas and keep the juices flowing. I usually turn to my women business community boards for support and advice and troll the Internet looking for other sites that inspire me. These could be baby-related or something completely different that just makes me excited to get back to the drawing board. Plus, I have a business partner, so it helps to have someone else who understands what you are going through. In the end, the passion for my product and my desire to be a successful small business owner, drive everything I do.

Danielle Hughes, President, Co-Founder
Baby Fish Mouth

“I think about how tough this economy has gotten and how many people aren’t celebrating their birthdays because money is so tight. If only they knew about all the birthday freebies and discounts out there, maybe they wouldn’t have to skip over their birthday or their child’s. This is a huge motivator to me because a birthday is celebrating someone’s life, even our pets. :) I’m also living by example for my kids, who often tell me “Mom, you can do it!” Just knowing I have the full support of my family helps me stay motivated.”

What do you do when you get in a business rut?
We all have run into this haven’t we? I turn to my husband who is wonderful at breaking everything down and working through what is blocking me and I turn to my wonderful friends at who willingly offer advice, tips and encouragement to help me get through the bumpy spots in the road. It also helps to remember that less than a year ago, my business was just a concept in my head. Looking back at all of my accomplishments to-date helps me refocus on my core objective of helping others celebrate their birthdays without emptying the wallet.”

Julie Northrop, Free Birthday Treats

“I stay motivated by keeping a white board by my desk with all the things I need to do for a 7 day time frame. Just looking at it makes me realize how much clients are counting on me to complete their projects well and on time. If I’m really unmotivated I allow myself to take a chocolate or shopping break! Stepping away for a little bit always refreshes me.

If I get in a big rut that I am struggling with, I always turn to my online mom entrepreneur friends for a boost. A quick phone call or email to one of my online buds always lifts me up.”

Lisa Otto, Owner, BoutiqueUp! and Creative Writing Studios


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