My Trip to the City…City Living Baby

You’ve gotta love the Internet. I can be sitting here in Hawaii, looking over the blue Pacific ocean but with one click I can travel to the city to do some baby shopping!  And City Living Baby is the place I am heading to today.  This is a one-stop shop for all things baby.  It seems to be the perfect place for baby gifts or birthday gifts, when you want something a little extra special. 

This woman-run store offers adorable goods for baby, mom, and nursery and includes PVC-free and organic finds.  They offer registry service and even an email consultation on decorating your nursery!  Yes, one of the owners is a interior decorator and does personal consultations via email – told ya, you’ve gotta love the Internet!
Here’s some of my faves from City Living Baby

I love this crib bumper cover which comes in cupcakes, as shown, or with monkeys on it. It allows you to recycle an old crib bumper, like the one you used for baby #1 to use for baby#2, and it’s organic!

I am in organization mode in my house…the kids stuff has officially taken over! This bucket with the word “stuff” on it, is the perfect catch-all and has a beachy feel, perfect for their room.

These adorable friends are perfect for the bath. I recently checked out all my kids bath toys and they are all plastic and made of who-knows! So these PVC-free toys would be a great replacement.

And last but not least, these adorable already-made “giftables” are perfect to welcome a new little wahine or kane (girl or boy)!

All of these awesome buys can be found at Right now thru October 31st use the code OhanaMama for 10% off. Mahalo City Living Baby!


  1. Those bath toys are on back order! :banging head against wall:

  2. Cutest things!!! I’m going to check them out!!

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