Toss-Me-Not Sippy Cup Holder Giveaway! CLOSED

Ahh, the Mommy and Daddy Yo-Yo Game.  Here’s how it works…The baby throws the cup down.  The Mommy or Daddy pick it back up.  The baby throws the cup down.  The Mommy or Daddy pick the cup back up.  The baby throws…you get the picture.  This is called the mommy and daddy yo-yo game (not sure if that’s the official name of it but that’s what it feels like). And boy does my little one like to play it.  In fact, it just might be her favorite game right now.  Lucky us.

If your little one likes the yo-yo game too (as most babies do), then you’ve got to check out this great mom-made product, the Toss-Me-Not Sippy Cup Holder. Made by hand, in the USA, the Toss-Me-Not Sippy Cup Holder is a clever contraption that you attach one end to your baby’s stroller, high chair or car seat (don’t you hate it when they lose their cup while you are driving?!) and the other end attaches to their bottle or sippy cup. And viola! You have taken yourself out of the yo-yo game! Your little one can still enjoy seeing the cause and effect of throwing their cup down but fear not, it won’t hit the ground (yuck) and they can then bring it back up with the Toss-Me-Not Sippy Cup Holder! Score one for Mom and Dad!

The Toss-Me-Not Sippy Cup Holder comes in over 160 fabrics for you to choose from and is $10 at

The Pitter Patter Boutique, the online store also run by the creator of the Toss-Me-Not Sippy Cup Holder, is giving away one Toss-Me-Not Sippy Cup Holder to one lucky Ohana Mama reader!

How to enter:
Head on over to the Pitter Patter Boutique and check out the Toss-Me-Not Sippy Cup Holder.  Pick your favorite fabric (look under fabric choices) and come back and leave a comment letting us know which one you like best.

Extra entries:
-Put the Ohana Mama button on your blog or website
-Twitter about this giveaway
-Blog about it with a link to Ohana Mama an the Pitter Patter Boutique

Deadline: 10/11 at midnight
US entries only

Mahalo to the Pitter Patter Boutique and creator of the Toss-Me-No Sippy Cup Holder for sponsoring this event.

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  1. i love the Chutes & Ladders Fabric Collection

  2. Love the Cleo fabric. Its so cute and what an amazingly simple idea to solve a very annoying problem.

  3. I love the red, white & bold

    tiramisu392 (at)

  4. I love BP006 That will be perfect for my neice!

  5. valerie2350 says:

    Chutes and ladders is really cute!

  6. And I added the Ohana Mama button :D

  7. I think my favorite is Red, White, & Bold… RWB003.

  8. I’m following you!

  9. I added your button to my blog!

  10. I like the one in Posh!

  11. I like the black and white, thanks!

  12. Parker Family says:

    My favorite fabric is BW03. This would be great for the car or the stroller!

  13. Katherine says:

    Cute! I would totally pick SM004!! And I would somehow attach it to my Beco

  14. Jennifer (MollysMommy) says:

    I LOVE the RWB003. It’s funny b/c DH’s initials are RWB. LOL I’m a nerd. Anyway- I totally need one of these for Spencer b/c he is FOREVER throwing his sippy on the ground.

  15. organicyogamom says:

    These are super cool – what a fabulous idea! I’m a fan of the posh one myself!

  16. SM004 in the Spring Meadow collection! Love it!

  17. karen and co. says:

    I like the Mod M006.

  18. Tara aka "Mama Koala" says:

    What a great idea! I love the red, white, and bold.

    mommykoala (at) live (dot) com

  19. I love the red, white and bold (RWB005) one. Such a great idea.

  20. Oh, these are terrific! I love the Spring Meadow 004 fabric.

  21. I love All About Color’s #3! What a great idea!

  22. Erin Tales says:

    I like the Chutes & Ladders. I think I would give this to my SIL for her new baby?

  23. hippos toes says:

    I blogged about ya :)

  24. all about color!

  25. The Kellers says:

    put your new button up

  26. The Kellers says:

    totally diggin’ chutes and ladders!

  27. I love the Red, White and Bold RWB001, That fabric is just my style, and it would so save me from the yo yo game nightmare I am going through lol.

  28. LadyBug-Kellie says:

    My favorite design is the Mod!! I could totally use this as my daughter likes to flinf her cup onto the floor all the time!

    ladeebug224 at hotmail dot com

  29. I love the chutes and ladders blue CL005. What a pretty fabric!

    pokeybear1 @

  30. I love the black and white and the chutes and ladders… I always have to reach to the back to hand them their cup in the car anda few times at the mall a stragner will walk up to me and say hey u dropped this! lol This owuld be a lot of help! i liek the idea of it!

    yasmineo142 at

  31. Mistress Meeyee says:

    BBoo3 is pretty

  32. Shoot, forgot my email… sorry… the Tweet from Mama-Bird… my email: frog123 (at) cyipcom (dot) net

  33. Tweet, tweet! Mama_Bird

  34. What a cute idea. i would choose BB004 for sure. super cute.

  35. I think I’d have to go for the BBoo3. This is such a clever idea!
    frog123 (at) cyipcom (dot) net

  36. Toni Saussele says:

    Your button is on my site here


  37. Toni Saussele says:

    I twittered you! Photo Bug Baby


  38. Toni Saussele says:

    I blogged you here


  39. Toni Saussele says:

    I like BB004 under the baby blues collection. Thanks!


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