Kids Lunch Box Cards Review

I remember opening up my lunch and sometimes finding cute drawings, usually a sunshine and a note from my mom saying “Love you up to the skies” (that’s what my mom always says (still to this day) and now I say it to my kids).  It was definitely a highlight of my school day.

Well, now Moms and Dads have a cute way to leave those notes and make a lasting memory for their kids with Kids Lunch Box Cards.  These cards come with funny jokes, facts, and riddles that your kids are sure to love and they can even be used as postcards to send to your kids at camp during the summer.
My little one is in preschool but he can’t read yet.  So I had three of my friends who are moms to elementary school-age kids try these out. Here’s what they had to say…
“When I think back to my elementary school years, one memory that jumps out at me is the notes that my mother used to write on the napkin in my lunch bag. Usually she wrote a simple “I love you” or a “Have a good afternoon.”  Times change.

For the past week, instead of a napkin, I have been writing my notes on Kids Lunch Box Cards. These postcards are a great way to let your child know you are thinking about them. The cards have a variety of information on them that is either funny, gross or mystical. My son and his friends had a wonderful time searching the playground after lunch for Brownies and Gnomes. These are notes that your child will not hide from their friends. The postcard notes can even be stamped and dropped into the nearest mailbox for kids away at camp. So, instead of sending that boring napkin note and some chocolate, try Kids Lunch Box Cards and have your child hunting for brownies on the playground.”

review by Bridget Hine (mom to Mark, age 6)

“Caitlin (and I) really enjoyed the lunch box cards. Every day she’d come home and tell me about her lunch and laugh about the different facts and try and get me to guess the jokes. Her friends enjoyed them also. Very cool idea.”
-review by Ellen (mom to Caitlin, age 8)

“We loved the lunchbox cards! I sent one in with Kylie each day this week and it was the first thing she mentioned when getting off the bus! I’m always looking for a way to stay connected even though she’s gone at school all day. These cards were a great way to add some laughter to her day, as well as a little note from from home!”
-review by Denise (mom to Kylie, age 8)

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