Aloha Friday Finds: Trendy Togs

Holy cuteness!  The clothes at Trendy Togs are so cool, different, adorable, and classically original (is that an oxymoron?…hmm)  In any case, I like their stuff!  And since it’s Fall and not eveyone still has 80 degree weather like us, I thought I’d share some cold climate clothes from Trendy Togs that still have a little Aloha vibe to them.  Here enters the Catmini Collection…

I love this shirt…think they make it for a 30 year old woman?

This funky skirt is the perfect match for a funky, cool, feminine little outfit

And we can’t forget the boys…  
For your little rock star
Pair that shirt with these cool jeans and watch out moms, lock up your daughters!

Head on over to Trendy Togs , they have a TON of other really cute things for your little boy and girl!  Just make sure you have time to browse…I got lost looking around at all the cuteness.


  1. Erin Tales says:

    Visit here! Read the post! You have a blog award!

  2. WOW! Love these clothes! Going to have to browse the site and drool!

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