I’ve been tagged!

My son loves to play tag and always says in a sing-songy way, with his eyes bright and body poised to take off, “Mama, you wanna geeeeeeet me?!!” He shines his big grin at me and I start to run after him, slowing down as I get closer, letting him get away…sometimes. In reality, many times the little guy is faster than me and tiny enough to twirl around at the last minute while momentum keeps my body going straight. He’s good at the game tag. It’s fun times (and good exercise!) and I love it.

So I was happy that I recently got to play a game of tag in the blogosphere. I was tagged by Carole at Hippos Toes…seems I need to practice the great twirl get away that my son does so well.

Well now it’s my turn, I need to tell you 7 things about myself and then tag 7 other online friends so here it goes…”Ladies, I’m gonna geeeet you!” HA HA,  here I come!

Seven random things about me…

1. My favorite ice cream is daiquiri ice from 31 flavors…I can’t seem to find it around here. Bummer!

2. My son was almost named Donovan

3. My daughter was almost named Malia

4. I would love to open a PR agency for mom-run companies (I will one day!)

5. I love Coca-Cola. Love love love it. I know it’s bad but I am addicted.

6. I really miss Trader Joes, Target, Del Taco, Pick Up Stix, Nordstroms (come to Hawaii! Can you hear me Trader Joes?!)

7. I met my two best friends in 7th grade. 18 years later and we’re still the very best of friends no matter how many miles apart.

So now it’s your turn…Tag You Are It!
These seven bloggers, consider yourself tagged by Ohana Mama! Tell us 7 random things about yourself, link to me and pass the tagging fun on!

The Mom Buzz
Mommy Detour
Mrs. Rodgers Neighborhood

Mahalo Carole for this much-needed and fun blog break!


  1. NateAndJakesMom says:

    You know, I have many family members in Hawaii and I have always wanted to move there – but no Del Taco? No Target? I think I will stay on the mainland… and visit you all, call me Lolo but I gotta have me my stores..

  2. wit woo! Thanks for the tag, I have it up today, will add you link to it as well, that way your link is out there, although you have tons of love coming your way already!!

  3. hippos toes says:

    I love Daiquari Ice too! Haven’t had it in along time. And Trader Joes too! I don’t know what I’d do without them :).

  4. I’ve been tagged! :woo: Can’t wait to play! First back to bed I go. Insomnia stinks. LOL.


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