Bummas…Dry Bumm, Happy Baby

Changing your baby’s diaper.  It’s a simple task, right?  Haha…we parents, or anyone that’s changed a diaper, know better than that!  I’m sure we’ve all been there…you go to take the diaper off of your little one and he (or she) gets cold and well, you’ve got a baby geyser on your hands (and everywhere else!).  After you’ve gotten your baby cleaned off with a wet wipe, you want to make sure their skin is dry.  So you wave your hand back and forth and gently blow to dry the tush area.  You wave and wave, all the while your little one is squirming to roll over and get away from this boring task. “I’ve got things to do, Mom!’

In come Bummas.  Simple in concept, but a life saver and a new must-have nursery item for our house.  Bummas are 100% cotton, soft velour terry cloth wipes.  They can be used to cover up baby so that any unexpected accidents get soaked up and don’t go all over the room.  You can also use Bummas as a wet wipe, with just some water, for gentle cleaning without any chemicals on your baby’s sensitive tush and after a clean wipe, use a new Bumma to dry your little one’s backside – no moisture=no rash!  Soft as, well, a baby’s bumm, Bummas are a genius, simple product every nursery should have.
I’m loving these cloth wipes and they are small enough to carry in my purse pocket, readily available in case of a spill or for a quick wipe of my son’s face after he goes for a drink from the drinking fountain at the park…Bummas work much better than his shirt (or my shirt – yeah I’ve gone there before).  Just today my little girl was eating and instead of using a paper towel to wipe her delicate pout, I used a Bumma.  She didn’t even flinch, like she does when I use scratchy paper towels.  The best part, they are reusable.  Just rinse them out and then throw them in the wash.  Soft, smart, eco-friendly and a huge help during diaper changes…Bummas are simply bumm-alicious!  Buy Bummas at www.bummas.com, $16.99 **Enjoy FREE standard shipping now until the end of October!*** (mahalo Bummas!)
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  1. Erin Tales says:

    Yo Yo Yo – I e-mailed you at your mac address. TTFN! And Go Bummas! :woot: :woot: (Way too late for me…LOL)

  2. Erin Tales says:

    i love the colors of the bummas!

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