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I’m loving Momspit. First of all, I think the name is genius – we’ve all done the lick your thumb then try and clean your little ones face before, so it’s so fitting! Plus, this stuff really works!  Let’s see, it was wonderful to clean off my son’s milk mustache. It cleaned my hands after pumping gas yesterday, and cleaned my little girl’s knees after a romp at the park. Even my husband used it after we picked pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. The thing I just can’t understand…where does the dirt, milk, gas scum go? It’s magic, and I like it! Dirt begone! Off of my little ones, my hubby, me and into dirt oblivion, just what I like! And I didn’t have to goober my son or daughter or god-forbid my hubby, with my own mom spit…they are all thankful.

Momspit, wipeless wipes are alcohol free, have never been tested on animals and come in three scents…unscented, fig & green tea and lemon & white tea. My fave is the fig & green tea so that one goes in my purse and then we keep one in each of our cars, due to my husband’s job he has a racking on his van from Berlingo Van Racking, and you would see that some of them are full of green tea. And now you can have three Momspits around your ohana too…

Momsit is sponsoring a giveaway on Ohana Mama! One lucky reader will win a Spitkit, that’s 3-2oz MomSpit bottles!

How to Enter:
Easy peasy…Leave a comment telling us about a time you had to use the real deal mom spit.

Extra Credit: (leave a comment for each that you do)
– Get TWO extra entries for blogging about this giveaway with a link to Ohana Mama and Momspit. (leave two comments with the link to your post)
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-October 26th at midnight Hawaii time

US residents only
You will have three days to claim prize, if unclaimed we will choose a new winner.

Mahalo Momspit for sponsoring this giveaway!

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  1. My daughter goes on stage on occasion, to sing, and one day I picked her up from school for such an appointment. Well, guess what they had for lunch! Sloppy Joes. Yep. Had to mom-spit.

  2. Jennifer R says:

    Just this morning on the way out of the house. My girl had pancake syrup all over her face. My own mom spit came in handy as we were walking out the door.

  3. I haven’t had one yet but want to be prepared when I have a moment like that :)

  4. To remove chocolate ice cream from my daughters face prior to grocery shopping.

  5. Caught me! I just did that spit and clean thing on my 19 mth old after her 9 yr old sister gave her a sucker. This stuff sure would have come in handy getting the brown sticky gooey mess off her.

  6. fancyfeet48 says:

    good thing to clean the kids face

  7. Use it all the time!!! This would be perfect for a 9 year old, a 2 year old, and a baby due in January running around. There is always something stuck on their face!!! This would be a permanent in the diaper bag

    Thanks Shanna :)

  8. I use the real stuff all the time on my grandkids. The older one thinks it’s gross. The baby hasn’t figured it out yet. But I think your product would be much better, LOL.

  9. My daughter could use a hose sometimes. She loves to eat. For her first day of school she had raspberries with waffles and although I thought I had checked before we got there, directly outside of the classroom she had red and white all over her face (milk and raspberries). I immediately began to immitate a cat and started cleaning her with my thumbs–Yep, I’m that mom!


  10. Are you kidding me? I do it all the time. Especially on that dirty smudge that always seems to appear on the tip of my son’s nose.

  11. blueviolet says:

    I commented on “My Lovely Plumerias” post.
    doot65[at]comcast dot net

  12. blueviolet says:

    I just tweeted about it on Twitter!

  13. blueviolet says:

    My daughter was visiting family with me and she had been eating a chocolate chip cookie. I had to do a little mom spit action because we were taking an impromptu family photo outside and there was too much cookie left over on her little face.

  14. pitaharmon says:

    With the hurry hurry of getting ready for school, I never really notice until we are pulled up to the curb at school, the crumbs and crud on my boys faces. So I have to use my spit all the time. I would keep this prize in my car for sure, it would get used on a regular basis.

  15. When I cleaned the ketchup off my daughters cheek yesterday!

  16. I had to use it today when we went to the library and my daughter got out of the car with her face covered in chocolate from her rice crispy treat.

  17. rosannepm says:

    granddaughters had ice cream on their mouths-had to hid the evidence

  18. LeeChrista says:
  19. toohotforturtle says:

    Trying to erase my son’s ink pen arm

  20. This would be great! My kids HATE when I use water and a napkin at the restaurant. Thanks for the giveaway~

  21. Frugal Finds says:

    Sign me up!!!

  22. Mistress Meeyee says:

    I use momspit the real kind to clean up my husband sometimes and he hates it!! My niece is always getting the wet thumb to her face,she hates it too.

  23. cheesefemme says:

    I don’t think my comment posted…so I’m redoing it and hopefully it won’t post later and look like I’m trying to sneak in extra entries! :) Many mornings when I’m dropping off the boys at school, I realize my 6 y.o. has horrible cowlicks because I ran out of time to fix them with a spray bottle and brush. So I lick my hand and fix the unsightliness! He really thinks cows come into his room at night and lick his head, and we tell him it’s because he leaves his “barn door” (his fly/zipper) open so much! :)
    Kimmie in Fort Worth

  24. The Kellers says:

    i tweeted!

  25. The Kellers says:
  26. The Kellers says:

    i’m always using my mom spit on my husband. he’s always got stuff on his face when we go out to eat. he’s such a goofy one!

  27. I use it to clean up those chocolate ice cream faces!!!

  28. Cynthia Metz says:

    I don’t remember my mom using momspit, but I do remember my two older sisters using their sisterspit. I was always so grossed out when they used it on me and I tried to squirm away. I always thought that I’d never use momspit, but when you have a baby with dried food on her face and there’s nothing handy to wipe it off with, ya gotta do what ya gotta do! I think the manufactured Momspit would be a much more pleasant alternative, though!

  29. preppymama says:

    I had to use the real mom spit the other morning just before getting into the elevator when I realized my son had some chocolate brownie smeared on his little cheek! No wipes on hand and I had to use the real thing!! I hated when my mom did that to me as a kid.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I use the real deal on my son all the time. Which is a bad habit, since last weekend during brunch at my in-laws, I reached out and nearly Mom-spit my husband! He was not amused.

  31. Just left a comment on your WW post with your gorgeous flowers!!

  32. Oh I’d love to try this stuff!! I use my own “mom spit” every sunday after the kids find the cookie table. What a mess!! I also use it a lot because our daughter who has special needs gets dum dum suckers a lot as rewards in her therapy appointments. She loves them, but man are they MESSY!! :)

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