Talking Story with Stephanie Estrin of CurlyQ Cuties and GIVEAWAY! CLOSED

October isn’t the only month for monsters, in fact Stephanie Estrin, Owner of CurlyQ Cuties has made it so that all year long you can create custom monsters for your cuties to cuddle. These monsters are just scary enough to ward off any of those other monsters found under the bed or in your child’s closet. Let’s talk story with Stephanie of CurlyQ Cuties

I love your monsters! Tell us how you got started with your business.

I started CurlyQ Cuties in early 2008 selling ready-made plush Monsters toys in a shop on Etsy. After repeated requests for customized variations of my ready-made Monsters, I realized there was a demand for a made-to-order product at an affordable price. The first version of the CurlyQ Cuties website was released in late July and made it easy to design your own plush Monster toy. I’ve been running to keep up with the business ever since.

With three kids, how do you balance work life with family life?

I’m fortunate to have my family around me constantly. My husband has always worked from home and my younger two children are homeschooled. While family is my first priority, so far there has been adequate time in-between schoolwork, errands, and activities to tend to the business.

Who is your biggest cheerleader?

My husband. He has been integral in bringing order to my creative process. He helps me stay grounded. He believes in me and what I’m doing with CurlyQ Cuties.

What are your top 3 must-visit web sites each day?

I don’t have any specific sites I visit daily that are directly related to the CurlyQ Cuties business. On a personal level, I regularly visit Facebook and a number of blogs to keep up with what’s going on with friends and family. I also check daily to see what cool stuff they’ve found.

Do you have a mentor or someone that you go to for business advice?

My husband. He keeps me focused on treating CurlyQ Cuties as both a brand and a business. He’s been a great asset to bounce ideas off of, to review the business numbers with, and to help me explore the opportunities that the business has created. He’s helped me structure the business to ensure that it scales up easily.

It’s so cool that each monster is custom made. What’s been your favorite monster that you’ve made?

I love making the Diva Monster body. My original creation of it as seen in the photos on the opening page of the CurlyQ Cuties website is how I originally designed her. She is representative of a sassy, smart, no-nonsense kind of gal: a true Diva. I think we all have at least a little bit of Diva inside us.

What’s one thing you never leave home without?

My cell phone. I feel totally lost without it.

Where do you see CurlyQ Cuties in 5 years?

Orders in the three months since the CurlyQ Cuties website was first launched exceeded all of my expectations. I’ve learned that while it is important to plan, there’s no guarantee that things will work out as you initially anticipate they will. My plan says CurlyQ Cuties will be a multi-million-dollar-a-year business. Who knows?

CurlyQ Cuties is sponsoring a giveaway on Ohana Mama! One lucky reader will receive a custom monster!

How to Enter:
Visit the CurlyQ Cuties site then come back and tell us what type of monster you’d want to create (look under gallery for previously made monsters to get some inspiration)

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October 28, 2008 at midnight Hawaii time

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Mahalo to CurlyQ Cuties for Talking Story with us and for sponsoring this giveaway!

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  1. Playgroup Junki says:

    I like the diva body style. Maybe a bright blue with a bright color contast like orange spots. I like the straight smial with teeth too.

  2. Megan Baehr says:

    Hooray! I LOVE CurlyQ Cuties!!!

    Turquoise Pogo body with baby blue cyclops eye, two-tooth mouth, and yellow oval belly.

  3. “Green Diva body with red dilated small-pupil eyes, three-tooth mouth, and dark blue spotted belly.”
    Love the monsters!

  4. She-ality says:

    Thx for the contest. At least 2 of these are coming to live w/my family this Xmas! By the way, I tweeted (Coloresse on Twitter). My email is Coloresse{at}Gmail{dot}com

  5. She-ality says:

    I fell in luv w/Mr. Peepers. He can keep a watchful eye on my adorably mischievous nephew! Was thrilled to find these customizable plushies. CurlyQ Cuties are genius, truly!

  6. claireknightly says:

    I would do a Dark Green Diva body with hot pink large googly eyes, tongue mouth, and dark blue star belly. These are adorable!!!

  7. These are so fun! I would go with a black noodle body, with bright blue large eyes, tongue mouth, and a white heart.

  8. Dark Green Noodle body with light green triple eyes, straight-smile mouth, and green spotted belly – for my grandson!

    gec917 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  9. LeeChrista says:

    I blogged about this!


  10. toohotforturtle says:

    I love the black Bongo with two eyes and big red heart tummy

  11. Oooo the Purple Marmalade with pink polka dots is my fav. I love how you can choose different features for the monster!

  12. LeeChrista says:

    Tweet Tweet, I twittered!


  13. Pink marmalede body for sure.

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