Kinesys Sunscreen Review

Living in Hawaii, it’s especially important to wear sunscreen and we try to wear it everyday, year round.  So, I was excited to try Kinesys Funscreen for kids and Kinesys Girl in vanilla-green tea scent.  

A little bit about these products…

FUNSCREEN SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray For KIDS

Microspray application, fast drying without rubbing.
• Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with Parsol® 1789
• 100% Preservative-free
• Oil-free / Alcohol-free / PABA-free
• Water-resistant / Sweat-resistant
• Hypoallergenic / Non-comedogenic
• Fragrance-free

SPF 30 Girl Sunscreen Spray
Microspray application, fast drying without rubbing.
• Photo-stable Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with Parsol® 1789
• Topical antioxidant Tocopheryl Acetate(Vitamin E) to scavenge free radicals
• Oil-free / Alcohol-free / PABA-free/ Preservative-free
• Very Water-resistant / Sweat-resistant
• Hypoallergenic / Non-comedogenic
• Green Tea and Vanilla fragrance

Last week I played SuperMom and took both keiki with me to the beach…ALONE!  Before we headed out I sprayed Kinesys sunscreen on my son and daughter.  The application is the easiest I’ve seen.  Simply spray while moving the bottle and it seemed to get an even coat on their delicate skin.  It’s wasn’t greasy but did seem to leave a layer of protection.  

The good: The ease of application is key here.  I also loved the smell of the Girl Sunscreen, but the Funscreen was just as pleasant.  It kept them sunburn free and my daughter had no reaction.  She is 13 months old.
The bad: My son has always had a sensitivity to sunscreen.  It’s a catch 22 in our house.  I want him wear sunscreen but if he does he gets a rash that’s red and bumpy and sometimes itchy.   I was so hopeful that Kinesys would be my answer since it’s paba-free, alcohol-free and preservative-free, but my little man did get a red bumpy rash.  He did not however itch, so that’s a bonus.
I will be continuing to use Kinesys for myself, my husband and my little girl, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad!   I really like the ease of use, the fresh smell, the lightness of it and that it stayed on through sweating in the hot Lahaina sun.  
The hunt for something for my son to use is still on.  Know of anything good?  Share it with me, please! 
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