Custom Clippies

One of the many many benefits of having a little girl is that you get to put her in pink, dress her in flowers and ruffles, and top it all off with an adorable clip for her hair.  I found just the perfect topping for my little cupcake, Custom Clippies

These clips are so so cute and they stay in my daughter’s baby soft hair with their no-slip grip. We tried their smaller clippies, which are perfect for my petite wahine, so they didn’t overpower her or look out of place. No, instead these Custom Clippies are perfect for putting something in her hair everyday to add a little extra sparkle to her park outings. 
What I especially love about Custom Clippies is the embellishments on them. These mom-designed and mom-made clippies come in so many different themes to match your little one’s mood or outfit for any day!  From lollipops to hearts, to butterflies to simple polka dot ribbon, they have something for every little princess!  

Be sure to check out the entire collection at and right now when you purchase from Custom Clippies you can receive 10% off the total price by using the code, OhanaMamardr10. Plus receive FREE shipping on orders over $50. Great for holiday shopping! Mahalo Custom Clippies for that discount!  
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  1. These are very sweet. :heart: I have to remember them…

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