Thoughtful Thursday: Thank You Note Etiquette

This Thoughtful Thursday, Lee from MySentimentExactLee shares her thoughts on thank you cards. I’ve known Lee for almost four years. We met in an online chat board, right after we had our little boys – they share the same birthday, almost down to the minute. She is an etiquette junky, so it seemed only natural that she give us her thoughts about thank you cards. Without further adieu…please give a big ALOHA to Lee!
The Holidays are fast approaching and with them brings gift lists, grocery lists and plenty of company. It may feel like you already have too much to wrap your mind around. However everyone appreciates a note of thanks when they send a gift. It seems in this fast paced world of technology thank you note etiquette is falling by the wayside. I’m here to give you the low down on thank you note etiquette for children at the holidays and share some ways to make it fun.
A thank you note should be sent to anyone you receive a gift from who was not present to watch you open the gift and be thanked in person. Writing a thank you note is exactly as it sounds, a way to express your gratitude towards someone who took the time to send you a special something. If we instill this in our childs minds early, they will look forward to thank you note writing (or at least understand the importance).

A child’s thank you does not have get too descriptive. Start out with a simple form letter where they can simply add in the following:

Dear _______
Thank you for the ______________
It’s ________________
Love ________________

They then have the ability to fill out the “It’s” portion in many different ways. Was the gift their favorite color? Exactly what they asked for? So pretty? All of these things express excitement and appreciation in just a few words. Fellow Mompreneur Lori with stocks fill-in-the-blank thank you cards that are sure to be a hit with your little one.

Another way to get creative with a thank you is to take a picture of the child playing with their toy or wearing their new clothing and allow them to write a quick thanks on the back of the picture.

When your child is too young to write on their own it is perfectly acceptable to write their notes yourself, but enclose a picture they have drawn or allow them to scribble their own name on the card itself. Try doing this together as a family for a few minutes each night after the Holidays.

Thank you’s should be sent out a within about two weeks, but it is always better to send one late than never. Also keep in mind if a gift is received by mail you should take a moment to let the sender know it has been received, this can be by phone or email. Make sure to follow up with your thank you note once the gift has been opened. When your child receives money as a gift remember to let the sender know what the money will go towards whether it be a new toy or their savings account.

Teach your children that writing thank you cards does not have to be tedious and boring. Incorporating both fun and family time can turn the event into something the kids will look forward to and they will have a leg up in society after the etiquette lesson.

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Lee Allport is a wife and mom to two little boys. She spends most of her free time on her blog where she reviews all products mother and child. She can also be found on as a product review columnist.


  1. A good way to remember thank you notes would be to not allow your child to play with the toy or wear the item of clothing until a thank you has been filled out!

    As I’m writing this, please know, I’m thinking “if it were only so easy”.

    Lee :)

  2. I really suck at thank you notes. I have every intention in my head but that quickly passes.

  3. Erin Tales says:

    I hate when I dont get thank you notes.

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