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Aloha, Ohana Mama! Your friendly neighborhood busy bee is back, ready to buzz the latest and greatest of what’s going on in the blogosphere!

BLOGS THAT MAKE ME LAUGH: I feel like Frogs In My Formula is a well-known blog secret. Everyone knew about it … but me. But I started reading the trials and tribulations of a mom living in the middle of nowhere and she’s just witty, sharp and … you have to read this post – especially if you are blogger who likes to review items. Can we say TOTAL WISHFUL THINKING! But it just might (BMW) work.

WORDLESS WEDNESDAYS: So many of us are now participating in Wordless Wednesdays. I noticed that those with the Mr. Linky Widget seem to get more comments. Mr. Linky is free and not hard to install. To get the Mr. Linky to appear on your page choose the Original Auto Linkies option. You do have to add code to your html – but only one time. After that it is simply adding the widget code to your post. So, get your Mr. Linky and get those comments you’ve been missing! It’s also a great way to easily find new blogs.

I recently came across Stamping Everything and stopped in my tracks when I saw her gorgeous gift tags she made – so much cuter than store bought! So I stopped by again to see what else she had in store for her readers and was NOT DISAPPOINTED! Check out this Season to Sparkle Card Kit and her Christmas Cards! All available on Ebay for a limited time!

BLOG REDESIGN! Okay, I just totally have to brag just ONE MORE TIME about my new look at the Mom Buzz. Thank you, Rachel, from Blog Candy Designs. It is very modern and perfectly complements my blog buzz. Rachel also recently updated PB and Lullabies in a scrapbook style. Her range is amazing! Love your new look, Leigh!

Toni at It Is Naptime has a new look, too, courtesy of Diana at Custom Blog Designs. She went from the oft-used Minima Blogger template to a scrapbook style. It is GORGEOUS! Stop by and let her know you love her new blog design!

No Time For Flashcards has an array of Thanksgiving crafts you can do with your kids. And they are always tied in with a wonderful story and a song if you are lucky!I love the foam turkey project and so will you! It is a spin on the traditional “hand tracing” children usually do!

Happy Thanksgiving is another blog to keep an eye on these next few weeks. There are coloring pages, crafts, the history of Thanksgiving and a lot more!

In Shadows (a Place to View Etsy’s Dark Side) is doing a $50 gift certificate give-away to her Etsy Shop – Beat Black. There are lots of interesting gift ideas there – like Truffle Mmm-agnets, a Sweetheart Ring or the Beating Heart Necklace.

Win a Boon Flair Highchair at MomDot. Honestly, I have yet to be disappointed by a Boon product.

Win a Glowology Repair kit and Elasticity Oil from Busy Mom. This luxurious repair kit is designed to firm, slim, tighten, and brighten, the products in the Repair Kit use gentle ingredients to stimulate and heal skin. $110 Value.

My Sentiments ExactLee is doing a give-away for Safety Tats! Ends November 13th!

And you only have a few hours left to enter this cool contest from For the Love of Baby! Two readers will win a $25 gift certificate to LucaBella Designs! She has a huge assortment of chic items to choose from! You won’t want to miss this contest!

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  1. Custom Blog Designs says:

    Thanks for buzzing me! So many great sites mentioned! I’ve got some surfing to do!

  2. Love the new layouts on both your blogs. Thanks for the links. You have some breat buzz listed here.

  3. Frogs in my formula says:

    Thanks for the great mention. I am thrilled I make you laugh.

  4. Thanks for the mention !!

  5. Thanks for the super tips as usual!

  6. Thanks so much girl! The LucaBella Designs are beautiful and the owner is an awesome person with great customer service!

  7. EJ @ Happy Thanksgiving says:

    Thanks for the mention! I will be adding a lot of new crafts, recipes and articles this week.

  8. Thanks for mentioning my new blog design. Diana did a wonderful job and was so easy to work with. She was also super fast!!!

    Thanks again,

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