Envirosax are enviro-chic

Can I coin that term, enviro-chic?  Love-it!  And I love my Envirosax bag!  It holds a ton and is cute to boot.  I am trying my best to get better at bringing my bag to the store when I go shopping.  I have a handful of other reusable bags and they are great but they are boring.  So when I saw Envirosax, I was excited, not only could I use them while shopping but they were cute, chic and fun for me to carry around everywhere. We used ours for our shopping trip and I was able to fill all of my groceries (about 20 or so average sized items) in one bag – even the bag packer lady was impressed!  I also used it to go to the beach with the family, again it held everything that I used to have to put in two bags.  And lastly, the overnight bag for trips to Tutu and Papa’s house – both kids stuff, in ONE bag! Ahhh, relief in a world of too much stuff!  
Envirosax come in a great selection of colors and patterns, including ones for the keiki (kids) and an organic series of bags that are available in bamboo, linen and hemp.  Best of all, when not in use, they fold super compact, small enough to store in your purse or even a pocket. Envirosax, mahalo for keeping this Mama enviro-chic! http://www.envirosax.com/

Psst! Envirosax is one of Ohana Mama’s Hawaiian Holiday sponsors!  Be sure to check back December 1st for the party!

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  1. Love these!! Thanks for the post. I sent them to my husband for my Christmas list. Love the Flora set

  2. The kids series rocks!

  3. Lara and Jay says:

    I LOVE these! A coworker has a set of them and they are indeed so chic! They are on our Xmas list!

  4. OH! Great bags! Thanks for posting that!

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