Knudsen Organic Sensible Sippers Juices for the keiki (and perhaps moms and dads)

We are Knudsen Juice lovers in this house, whether juices for home out of their glass bottles, or juices in boxes for on the go, we love their organic and natural products. 

So, I was so excited to try the Knudsen Sensible Sippers for my keiki.  My son is a juice drinker.  It helps keep him regular (sorry to out ya kid) so it makes his belly and Mama happy.  I always go for juices that are 100% juice, no added sugar.  Which is what you get with Knudsen but in addition to that, Sensible Sippers are 50% organic juice mixed with 50% water.  This lessons the sugar intake even more but still has a yummy, refreshing flavor.
The test: In our house, Sensible Sippers passed with flying colors.  It was easy to see that we gave them two huge thumbs up…after all they were gone in a flash!  No joke!  We were all drinking them, yes hubby and myself included.  I actually had to hide some away so that we’d have them for my son’s school lunches.
Available in yummy flavors, such as fruit punch, banana, apple, and mixed berry, Sensible Sippers have 40% less calories and contain no added sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives.  Just what we parents like to hear!
Right now you can head to the Knudsen’s site and print out a coupon for $1 off your next purchase.  So go now and drink up!

See this and other great reviews from real families at 

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