Ohana Mama’s Monday Buzz Around the Blogosphere

It’s that time again, when Erin from The Mom Buzz takes us on a flight around the blogosphere!  She’s got a lot of great stuff, so read on!
Aloha, Ohana Mamas! Your friendly neighborhood busy bee is back, ready to buzz the latest and greatest of what’s going on in the blogosphere!
So earlier this week I saw that Kristin from My Art and the Mom in Me made the cutest holiday boxes from holiday cards! Interested? Get the instructions from CraftyPod here: Holiday Boxes.

I also saw that Trisha from Sweet ‘n Sassy Girls had a tutorial on how to make a tutu dress! How adorable would that be for holiday pictures? So visit here for the tutorial and here to learn how make the two requisite layers using one single knot. Love these crafty mamas!!!

MEME: Bridgette from the Not So Blog Blog recently started a meme called Think Thin Thursday. Want to lose a few pounds and look fabulous for the holidays? Then join Bridgette and other fabulous ladies on this motivating meme!

Lately, I find myself stopping at Tizzalicious Crafts and Cuteness. It has two things I love. Crafts… and … Cuteness. Really, how can you go wrong? Well, currently she has the cutest holiday cards for sale at her Etsy shop. They are a set of 6 Blythe Doll Holiday Christmas Cards. With cards like these, there is no excuse for not sending out Christmas Cards this season!

Need a new-baby gift? Maybe something to put in a stocking for Christmas or tuck into a diaper bag for a baby shower? Then check out High on Crafts CuddleWee! Completely stitched and baby safe!

Addicted to twitter? I think I am, because when I saw this Boutique Polymer Clay Blue Robin Bead I thought it was the Twitter bird. It is available from Living with Three Moon Babies Etsy shop.

The UnMom recently had her blog redesigned by Rachel at Blog Candy Designs. Hot, yes?

No Time for Flashcards also has a redesign courtesy of Blog Candy Designs. (Rachel – when DO you sleep?)

And Savvy Suzie is back and better than ever with the $200 Mission and a wicked new design, courtesy of Restored 316 Designs!

What Every Blogger Needs:
Personalized Calling Cards! Admit it, you want more people to visit your site, look at baby pictures, enter contests and leave comments. Well, leave your playgroup moms with some calling cards – and start with these wonderful creations from Happy Girl Greetings!

Tizzalicious is giving away a pair of super cute apple stud earrings and a matching apple ring, in the color of your choice! Contest ends November 31st.

3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires is giving away a Pillsbury Gift Basket to TWO WINNERS! What a wonderful prize to win before the holidays. Ends November 21st!

Win a Rockin’ Baby Sling from Thrifty and Chic Mom! Give-away ends November 18th – so go go go!

Check out this V. Smile give-away from The Dirty Shirt. What a great gift for under the tree! Give-away ends November 30th!

Funny or Disturbing? I thought it was funny. My husband thought it was disturbing. What do you think? Visit Hit-or-Miss to see a video of a man dancing to a Beyonce song.

And remember – if you want to be featured on Ohana Mama’s Buzz Around the Blogosphere bee sure to give me a buzz!

Mahalo Erin for this great fly-by of the blogosphere!


  1. High On Craft says:

    Thanks for the mention! You’ve given us lots of fab things to check out. Great job!

  2. Seriously! Does Erin sleep? That’s the question …. :)

  3. SavvySuzie says:

    Awww thanks for the fly-by!!!

  4. threemoonbabies says:

    Thanks for including my polymer clay robin bead! Great blog!

  5. growingupartists says:

    What an AMAZING post!! I will be back every Monday morning to check U out!

  6. Thanks so much for the shout-out! I LOVE the boxes Kristin made.

  7. Oooh, thanks for the linky love!

  8. Tizzalicious says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out! :)

  9. I always feel like I didn’t share enough wonderful things! LOL! I hope everyone visits some new sites or posts and enjoys!

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