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So earlier in the week, I was all a twitter about perhaps a targetmoms groups starting.  I “urged” readers to write to Target.  Twitter started getting hashtags #targetmoms – there was a buzz going on about how these moms wanted a Target Moms focus group.  A lot of us LOVE Target!
Since my post I did a little more research and remembered that Target is the sponsor of a new site, Momversations.  So they are in fact working with Mom Bloggers.  Yes these Moms, who include famed Dooce, are a bit more of “celebrity” bloggers/moms, but moms none the less. Then I found a press release about Target’s Christmas Wrapped site, where mom bloggers, including, again, Dooce, share their wish lists of sorts.  So again, Target is working with bloggers.  Successful bloggers. Mom bloggers.  Successful Mom bloggers.  (I’d love their numbers and to be making the money these women do!)
Then I remembered that Target also supports mom and parent inventors.  With lines such as my favorite, the Patemm Pad and Baby Legs, Hotslings and  Toddler Coddler.  I realized, Target is really taking an interest in moms.  And making them money!  
I am a mompreneur in the making..with a mom-invented product.  In fact when I thought up my invention, my goal was that I’d get it in Target (or Pottery Barn kids…either will work. ha ha).  So thinking with that part of my brain, I applaud Target for getting these mom invented products into the mass market.  I applaud them for going after the top echelon of the net, women we aspire to be (whether we want to admit it or not…wouldn’t you LOVE to be paid for your blog, enough where your hubby didn’t have to work like Dooce? Um, heck yeah!)
I do think that Target’s rep’s response to at Trisha MomDot was less than stellar.  They could have simply written much of what I wrote above and gained major kudos…so I do suppose their PR/community outreach team needs a bit of an education on how to reply to moms interested in helping  Target or being a player on Team Target.  
Then @ashleeallen wrote a tweet that got me thinking – she said she’s was a bit happy about the response from Target.  That she would rather see us all “behind their fellow moms and small business than major corporations that *really* don’t need the help.”  And it got me thinking.  I need to get back to that.  Supporting the mompreneurs (r).   
When we rally around the mom-made products and buy from them, we can really get Target’s attention.  So let’s support the smaller mom-made products, sales are what get the bigger guy’s attention. And maybe more mom-invented products can grace the shelves of our beloved Targ-gey.  
Funny how two days, a bunch of hashtags, a few crappy responses from Target (by the way, they haven’t yet written me back) and a tweet can get you right back to where we started…SUPPORT MOM ENTREPRENEURS!
p.s.  Thanks for everyone for jumping on the band wagon, writing letters. I say, do the same when you come in contact with a great mom invented product…write a letter to Target telling them to have it in their stores!  What can it hurt?

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  1. Haasiegirl says:

    I have to agree on supporting mom businesses. I think its VERY important. I have a mom site at http://www.bambinaballerina.com and it allows me to stay home with charlotte and rub the blog full time. I do think we should always try to connect and buy mom made.

    I even get gas from the local gas station, not the big guys.


    Im all about small business.

  2. This is a great post! I am a HUGE fan of Target. I think they have done an amazing job of being an enormous corporation while still supporting communities and giving a leg up to small sector biz (moms included). Their dedication to artistic integrity and design has created a higher standard and I’ve always had positive experiences with them.

    I actually wasn’t aware of their current sponsorship and involvement with bloggers but think that’s great!

    As a small business owner (and a MAMA!) I wish for nothing more than us all to support each other!

    Best of luck on your new product!


  3. Lisa Survillas says:

    Great information about Target and their support of moms!! I am new to blogging, but love to learn about all there is out there and the major companies that are supporters! Thanks again!

  4. Ohana Mama says:

    Yes, I know Brandie. I am trying to make sense of all of that as I gear up to get my product to market. This puts a crimp in things a bit. Glad you posted the links for people to learn more about it. Mahalo!

  5. You make a great point!

    I’d like to add to, though, as a way to support the small moms who are trying to make of a business of selling things – that you look into the new lead/phthalates regulations about to hit in Feb – it will put many many small businesses that make children’s products out of business. Which really makes me upset. Here are two links if you aren’t familiar with it it already:

    I don’t mean to take over the post but I think it’s important to know what’s coming if you are currently supporting small business – mommy run or not! =)

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