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Can you believe how fast December is flying, Ohana Mama? But it is Monday again, so time for the Mom Buzz to buzz about the latest and greatest from last week’s trip around the blogosphere!

Who Would’ve Thought created the cutest Christmas Ornaments using blocks, ribbons, pictures and some other odds and ends. If you want to create awesome, 3-dimensional cubed ornaments – check this out!

And this is not Christmas related, but it was too cool too pass up! Make a Magnetic Robot with your child! Once you have all the parts made, your child can restructure his robot anyway he wants! A super cool find, only seen at No Time For Flashcards!

Bugger and the Little Mama has a new Etsy Shop called The Bashful Sheep. She will be selling Wool Dryer Balls (they are so cute!), and soon will be carrying a selection of wool felted ornaments and so-chic scarves! (Ohana Mama will be hosting a giveaway…keep your eyes open for that!)

Juicy Alligator has the yummiest looking cake balls. (My husband laughed when I read that to him). I think these would be awesome over the holiday if you cover them with white icing and drizzle some red and green icing over the top. Plus, I bet they would be a party hit, so you won’t have to bring home any of these tempting treats!

Nothing Like It has the perfect ornament for a Star Wars fan! A Gingerbread Darth Vader! She has gone on a Gingerbread Ornament Making Spree! Keep an eye on her site to see what she comes up with next!

ScarfMonsters has an Etsy shop, by the same name. She has cute monster scarves to keep you warm this cool, holiday season! Frightfully unique!

Etsys Dark Side Street Team found some spooky Christmas decor over at the Etsy Shop The Tiny Tragedies. My favorite from this collection is Juniper – you just have to see it for yourself.

Because We All Need Stuff has recently made an appearance onto the blogosphere. She will be highlighting about wonderful finds and items that make her life easier, better, simpler and healthier!

The Jolly Mom has a new look, courtesy of Felicia of Free Blog Designs.


Time for some plugs for contests at the Mom Buzz. There is still time to win Couture Cookies, a Plush Rabbit or Guinea Pig AND clothes from JuneBee Baby! Plus, there will be a super contest beginning at 1:30ish on the Mom Buzz.

And don’t miss these wicked contests here at Ohana Mama! There is a Tobeez give-away, Polliwalks contest and a VW Gift Pack!

If you want to be featured on Ohana Mama’s Buzz Around the Blogosphere bee sure to give me a buzz!

Mahalo Erin for another great fly-by of the blogosphere. Erin is the Queen Bee over at The Mom Buzz.



  1. Thanks for featuring me! Sorry it took me so long to respond, we moved across the country this month! It wasn’t a move to paradise though…

  2. Julie@Cool Mom Guide says:

    Well, this post inspired me to tag both you and Erin in a meme. You probably won’t like it though lol.

  3. How thoughtful of you to mention my contest. I sure hope you have entered and good luck.

  4. Scarfmonsters says:

    How neat to see myself here! Thank you for buzzing me!

  5. Great to check everything out!

  6. Lee Christa says:

    This is great news Erin! Also make sure people know will be holding a contest for a $50 gift card to

  7. Jolly Mom says:

    Thanks for the shout out or BUZZ I should say! Great post-can’t wait to check out the Etsy sellers!

  8. On The Verge says:

    Great buzz! Have a great week!

  9. hippos toes says:

    Love to hear the buzz!!!

  10. As always, a wonderful Buzz!

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