Shot on The Spot – a Meme

I usually like to keep my face off of Ohana Mama and keep it just to featuring other people and their goods but today I feel…brave.
Julie over at Cool Mom Guide did an evil evil thing and nominated me for this meme called Shot on the Spot.  Here are the rules…
Shot On The Spot, is where you’re supposed to take a picture and post it right away. Rules are:

1) Take a picture of yourself right NOW!
2) DON’T change your clothes, DON’T fix your hair… Just take a picture.
3) Post that picture with NO editing.
4) Post these instruction with your picture.
5)Tag 10 people to do this.

This is with no makeup, no hair being done, no editing…Julie…beware…I will get you back ;)

And the lovely women who I now nominate to also be brave are…I’m breaking the rules and only doing five ladies…


  1. No makeup needed girl! You look pretty just the way you are!

  2. You are so cute! I’m jello…

  3. Lara and Jay says:

    Gorgeous photo!! Mwwaah!

    (I am very obviously biased since this OhanaMama is my sister. But she is one pretty lady!)

  4. Susan M. Heim says:

    Sigh…if only I looked as good as you do with no makeup, etc. You shouldn’t be so shy. You’re beautiful!

  5. onangelwings says:

    We should all looks so adorable without any editing!

  6. MomAtHome says:

    cool pic, natural is always better.

  7. I did it! I can’t believe I took a pic of myself at 7am

  8. You look wonderful!!!

  9. Erin Tales says:

    You are so cute. I am uploading mine now.

  10. Lee Christa says:

    This is all kinds of bad news. LOL


  11. Great picture!!! I played even though it is scary LOL

  12. great pic!

  13. I’ll get you for this my pretty! And your little blog too!

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