The New #CPSIA Regulations – Everyone Take Note!

Long story short…there is a new law that requires anything that is intended for children 12 and under, be tested by a third party for lead. ANYTHING. While at first this obviously seems like a good thing, it’s impact on retail as we know it are huge. And things that really need not be tested will still have to be if intended for a 12 year old or younger child (like an organic cotton tee shirt…it doesn’t have lead in it, but it will HAVE to be tested, nonetheless).  Talk about wasting money…just when there is no more money to waste!
If you sell on etsy, ebay, craigslist, run a store out of your house, big or small, you will have to comply. Even donating clothes will be halted, as those used items have not been tested and thus Salvation Army or other stores that re-sell can not sell them without doing third party testing. 

Third party testing is expensive and it’s not just testing one thing, it’s testing all parts of something. So it will put many many retailers/makers of product out of business.

This is going to effect everyone across the board – the big stores, small stores, you name it! Think they’ll have a bailout for retail now? Great timing, huh?!

I found this great and easy to understand post from Happy Panda about the new CPSIA regulations and wanted to share it with you all…



  1. Pamela Kramer says:

    Thank you so much for helping to spread the word among your readers. We only have until February. Secret sources say that there is talk of working with the importing side of products but not domestic as of yet.

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