Talking Story Tuesday with Featured Blogger, Lee from MySentimentExactLee


This Talking Story Tuesday we’re chatting it up with Lee from MySentimentExactLee. Lee has been a friend of mine for almost 4 years, our son’s share a birthday, almost to the minute! We met through and are now both reviewers for Peekaboo Picks and The Family Review Network! At her blog, you’ll find true, honest sentiments, reviews and great giveaways!(I think she’s got a great witt about her and she’s made me laugh out loud at my keyboard on more than one occasion!)  
Let’s get talkin’…

Aloha Lee! So tell us what the name of your site is and the URL so readers can go check you out.
My Sentiment ExactLee

Is there a story behind it? I love the play on your name…very cute.

I tend to say “That’s my sentiment exactly” so since my name is Lee I just made a play on words.

What the focus of your blog – what’s it all about?

My main focus is product reviews. I love to get the word out about different products I’ve stumbled upon and know others will love. I try to throw in a cute story here and there but really need to concentrate on that again as I have not posted one in a while.

How did you get started blogging?

My good friend Sarah at Ohana Mama ;) recommended I apply for a spot on the Product Review panel for which is an online magazine for hip moms. Once I got that job she recommended I opened my own blog. The rest is herstory!

Where do you blog? At your kitchen table? On the couch? Office? Share!

I blog on my couch. I sit with my legs underneath me and the lap top exactly where it is meant to be, on my lap.

Where’s your favorite place on the net to meet up with other bloggers?

I love and which is actually a chat board for moms and those trying to become moms, but we have a lot of bloggers there as well.

Are you on Twitter? I am a twitter fanatic…tell us your Twitter name if you have one.

Yes I am on Twitter. I decided to just go with my name @LeeChrista because my blog name wouldn’t fit and it isn’t easily shortened.

Anything else you’d like to share with us? Any upcoming promotions?

I am always having different giveaways. Coming up I’ll be having a giveaway for a bow pad from (trust me they are cuter than you could be thinking) and a Breast Milk Pendant from Holly Day Designs. This pendant is actually made with your own breast milk. I love mine and wear it all the time! 

I can’t wait to read about that Lee!  Mahalo for Talking Story with us! Everyone head over to Lee’s site and check it out and be sure to enter for a $50 gift certificate to Fuzzibunz…today is the last day to enter!



  1. Great interview ladies.

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