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It’s another Monday and that means time for Erin, with The Mom Buzz to take us on a flight around the blogosphere.  Aloha and mahalo Erin!

“I know, this month I simply have Christmas on the brain. Can you believe it is only a few days away? I am wondering what these next few days in the blogosphere will be like? No posts? Lots of family posts? Or just business as usual? Well, I guess we’ll find out! In the meantime, let the Mom Buzz spread some bloggy cheer your way with these wonderful links and finds!” – Erin

OMG. You know I love sharing holiday treats with you. But have you seen the 12 Days of Cookies over at A Mommy’s Musings? From the traditional Gingerbread Cookies to gorgeous Stained Glass Wreath Cookies … you have to check out these tasty treats and maybe leave a special surprise out for Santa on Christmas Eve!

If you are short on ingredients in your cupboard, you may also want to check out the three ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies from Martha’s Kitchen. They sound easy, quick and scrumptious!

And if you are in search of more recipes at-a-glance, or simply have one you want to share yourself, check out the Holiday Baking Guide at 3 Kids and Us! Cat shares her special Peanut Butter Cookie (more than three ingredients!) and invites everyone to Mr. Linky to their own recipes. Plus, one participant in this Holiday Baking Guide will receive a subscription to Taste of Home! Wicked cool!

I decided to separate these tasty treats from the Holiday Cookies. Now, what is yummier to wake up to on Christmas Morning then Cinnamon Rolls? I admit, I bought a can to bake on December 25th. But 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires has an easy Cinnamon Roll recipe you might want to try!

And for the most beautiful suckers, you have to check out Juicy Alligator’s Peppermint Old Fashioned Suckers. They are so pretty and would make a gorgeous stocking stuffer, adornment on a package or just for a sweet treat. Seriously…check them out!

Are you still looking for a last minute Christmas Gift for a good little boy or girl? Or maybe you are already looking for birthday gifts? Well, Trisha at MomDot did a wonderful review for parent-approved Critter Conga. If she promotes it, it must be good! And be sure to check out all of the wonderful give-aways at MomDot too! I enter pretty much ALL OF THEM.

Need an idea for a Tween? Petit blog has some ideas, with perfume and body spray sets.

Socks. Yes, I said socks. I always buy socks to put in the stockings. And what better socks for your kids than ones that don’t fall off? Jolly Mom did this awesome review for Nix All-Star Socks – socks that reallllly don’t fall off. No more lost socks! Now if there was a way to keep shoes on their feet. Hmmm…

My husband found this video on Paul’s Health Blog of an awesome holiday light set-up. I wonder how much the electricity bill is? But, it is truly amazing!

One thing I’ve been trying to say more this year is Merry Christmas. I do feel that we all try to be so PC, but why do we have to take Christmas out of the holiday when it’s the reason we do sing, celebrate, cook and go crazy? So, I invite you all to read the Week Before Christmas at All About Kimberly if you feel the same.

Are you stressed out this holiday season? Well, there is not much we can do to help you this year except to remind you to BREATHE. And remember, this is about love and family…not stress. But for next year, keep these tips from Life’s A Hoot in mind.

Find out how Miss Blondie learned there was supposedly no Santa. I would be SO MAD if someone did that to my kids! And if you like that post, you might want to read about her Christmas Tree love-hate relationship too!

Playful Decor shows us the true meaning of Christmas, as her son willingly gives his toys up to share with the less fortunate.

Nothing but Purple has been doing 31 Devotions for Family for Christmas. They include a family activity, stress free tips and yummy recipes!


Go Graham Go told me I HAD to visit Artful Spirit. Well, Go Graham Go knows her stuff, so I buzzed on over. What a wonderful assortment of hand-made goodies! My favorite item from her shop is the 8×10 HoneyBee Luncheon Art. But, moms of boys might be interested in the sports-themed clothes pegs to keep their jackets off the floor! And she has a sweet Little Girl Outfit, pink and white striped with a Tweet Bird Applique. You have to check it out, sized T.

I read a funny, honest post from a dad’s perspective on 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires. It involved sleeping babies, loose poop and a dad wondering if he should wake up these little terrors or just pretend he saw nothing. Worth the read! Leave a comment!

One of the newest blog crazes is to Elf Yourself and your family thanks to JibJab and Office Max. It’s hilarious. For a great example visit the second installment of Sunday Smile at 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires. (also see our own Ohana Mama’s family do the charleston if you haven’t already!)

Looking for a new Meme? Well, check out Monday’s Muse from Maternal Spark. You can learn how to participate here: Monday’s Muse – the Meme for Creative Moms.

Blessings Abound has a give-away for a Play/Travel Mat! (And I received the See Kai Run Shoes – thank you!)

Win a Blog Makeover at I Am Harriet! The blog make over will be done by Custom Blog Designs, a favorite of the Mom Buzz!

Win a Pillsbury Magnet Coupon Holder and Mousepad from Pillsbury over at Mommas Cook Cooking.

Jolly Mom has a huge give-away for a Color-Me House! There will be TWO LUCKY WINNERS! And there is still time to enter a few of her other give-aways too!

I just want to remind everyone that every Saturday I will put up a Mr. Linky on my site at the Mom Buzz, where you can drop a permalink to a funny story, wonderful recipe, Etsy finds and more. It can be from your site or someone else’s. If you think it is buzzworthy, I want to hear it!

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  1. Andreah @ Life's A Hoot says:

    Thank you for including me =) I am honored!

  2. Andreah @ Life's A Hoot says:

    Thank you for including me =) I am honored!

  3. Andreah @ Life's A Hoot says:

    Thank you for including me =) I am honored!

  4. Andreah @ Life's A Hoot says:

    Thank you for including me =) I am honored!

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