Talking Story Tuesday with One Cool, Smart, Bloggin’ Mama

Today we’re talking story with Dr. Cecelia Mecca. This busy busy mom has two kids, three blogs, one full time job and a cosmetic company (I am tired just writing that!) Whether it’s babies, kids, educational products, you name it, Cecelia’s covering it. Let’s learn a bit more about this Mama of all trades!

Aloha Cecelia! So let’s start with sharing the name of your blogs – you have three – WOW!

Cool Baby Kid
Smart Baby Kid
Ask Baby Kid

What’s the focus of your blogs – what are they all about and how did you get started?

I had the idea of two different blogs for babies and kids, one for cool products and the other focusing specifically on educational ones, and I needed something that would fit both.

I’ve always over-researched every purchase I’ve made. Friends, knowing this, would simply ask, “Which did you get?” knowing I read every report and talked to a million people before buying anything from a stroller to new pair of shoes. Cool Baby Kid started as a collection of these items and eventually grew into a cool products and resources guide for moms, babies & kids. An English teacher by trade, I have a special place for educational products and resources for kids which is the idea behind Smart Baby Kid. And with so many reader questions, both about picks from the original site as well as, surprisingly, parenting and blogging, I decided to launch Ask Baby Kid which is a forum for both types of questions and answers.

I’m writing from my couch right now. Where do you blog? At your kitchen table? On the couch? Office? Share!

Most often at my computer desk in the study, but if I’m really behind I’ll borrow my husband’s laptop and bring it into bed after the kids are asleep!

Where’s your favorite place on the net to meet up with other bloggers?

Recently I’ve been using Entrecard and am a huge fan. Though I do sometimes feel it’s just one more thing to neglect and feel bad when it’s been days since my last drop.

Are you on Twitter? I am a twitter fanatic…tell us your Twitter name if you have one.

Love Twitter! @coolbabykid

Anything else you’d like to share with us? Any upcoming promotions?

As blogging slowly evolves from hobby to part time job, I’m excited to continue to grow all three blogs, meet new bloggers and see where it takes me. To that end I am preparing a fun “It’s New Year’s Baby!” post with bloggers’ goals for 2009 and an exciting bloggers-only contest, so check back on Ask Baby Kid January 1st.

Mahalo for talking story with us Cecelia!!



  1. I can’t wait to see whats planned for the New Year!

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