Say it all without saying a word: Rhetoric Tees

Say it all without saying a word wearing Rhetoric shirts. I am a tee shirt and jeans kind of a gal. So I was excited to try out a new graphic tee from Rhetoric Shirts. These shirts are not only soft, but they are made from high quality Peruvian cotton that is shaped well for a woman’s body – no boxy look here! And their fresh, unique and hip graphics on them, definitely make a statement. My husband, and everyone else, got a kick out of this shirt. (pictured above). Rhetoric Shirts offers you to make a statement, be comfortable and be fashionable. Imagine that! Easily and comfortably, fashionable! Three cheers for Rhetoric shirts!

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  1. hippos toes says:

    Love these shirts! Thanks for posting about the Tees! I need some new ones and these are so unique!

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