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The Shandle, Toilet Seat Handle

The Shandle is one of those products you never knew you needed. Or thought you needed but didn't think it existed. Well it does, and thank goodness! Now that we've had it on our toilet for a couple of weeks, I don't know what we did before.Actually I DO know what we did. What used to happen, was my son, the good boy that he is, would have to grab the seat to put it up and then touch it again to put it down. Ewwww! (no matter how clean I try to make it, it's still a toilet seat!)Thankfully I … [Read more...]

DaBib is da cool! Review & Giveaway

I am swimming in laundry. With a new self-feeder, her shirts, and many times, shorts don't last long before they are covered in food that missed her mouth. Yes, I put a bib on but it seem the food falls behind it. I even find food bits in her diaper by her belly button. So the food is actually making it IN and UNDER her shirt. My poor wahine.Well, she will suffer no more! Now that we have DaBib, she's covered, literally! It has a soft collar that falls flush against her neck so no food … [Read more...]

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

The wonderful Girl Scouts of Nassau County sent us a box of the new Dulce de Leche cookies to try out. And let me tell you, they are deeeelicious! The box has been devoured, with one left for Mama to eat with my afternoon coffee today - and I am soooo looking forward to it! Yes, sad to say but the box of cookies lasted less than 24 hours in our house. How's that for a rave review?! A little bit about these yumalicious cookies... "Dulce de Leche: New for 2009, and inspired by the classic … [Read more...]

The Mommy Brain Epidemic – What’s your medicine?

Another great topic at Momversations today, Mommy Brain. And here's my take on it with a question for all of you! Happy Friday!The Mommy Brain Epidemic - what's your medicine? from Sarah Burns on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Label Daddy Review and Giveaway

Oh Label Daddy, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... 1. My son's shoes. At my son's school they take their shoes off before going inside, it's customary in Hawaii not to wear your shoes indoors. So all these little teeny tiny shoes are lined up on a shoe rack by their door. Having Label Daddy stickers on my son's shoes takes any worry away that another classmate's parents might mistake his shoes as their own. And at my son's recent birthday party we had two pairs of shoes left by … [Read more...]