I wanna be a Kick A** Mom (or try at least)

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Excuse my french, vulgarity, brash, out-there-ness, but this is how I feel. I need a bit of kick a** mommy-ness in this New Year. A little back story…

I recently sent out party invitations to my son’s birthday party. He has a birthday right after the holidays so it’s always so hard to plan. I decided to give out invites the day before school was out. I did risk them getting missed or lost with all the holiday hoopla but any sooner and they’d be forgotten and any later (they are out of school for a week) would leave 5 days to rsvp. So, I handed them out to every cubby in his preschool class on the last day vefore vacation (Dec 24th). Up until today (January 2nd), I had no rsvps. None. Zero. Ziltch.

All of a sudden I was right back in my 7th grade self, after I moved to a new school. I was so wanting a big party but scared that no one would show up. I ended up having that big party in 8th grade and everyone did show up. I was giddy. But here we are in a new town, not super close to anyone in particular, no family, and no rsvps. Hurump.

My first instinct was to cease and desist. Call off the party. Put an SOS out in every box on Monday that the party was just not happening. HA!

But, after a call to my big sister I knew that was not a possibility and was brought back to reality and back to being a grown up. She did remind me to push through, take it easy, don’t get stressed, but keep planning. Plan but have fun. I felt better.

Then a call into my mom over how expensive damn bounce houses are (I had no idea!), I wanted to retreat again. The bounce house is out of our budget, plain and simple. What were we going to do at a park with no jungle gym, no bounce house and a bunch of 4 year olds? (as I type that I realize that I had nothing to worry about – 4 year olds are their own best entertainment – duh!) But, my awesome mom said…

“To heck with the bounce house! Do a treasure hunt”
Me: “I thought of that but Mom, that will take so much work, I am just not up for it”
My mom: “Sure you are, do it. Be that mom, get into it and do it! He (Cameron) will love it.”

My mom was right. And I am going to host this party, make a kick bootie treasure hunt and give my son a good birthday party! I am going to be a kick a** mom! And I’ll do it for my kid as much as do it for me – I want to feel that I give my child my all. That I can and will make awesome memories for him. And we’ll be able to look back at the pics of my child finding the treasure chest pinata – and how stoked he was that I went just a little extra and didn’t retreat from the threat of something “taking so much work.”

The party is next weekend, I’ll let you know how it goes. It’s a pirate theme if you hadn’t guessed (a treasure hunt, treasure chest pinanta, my “argh” mentality right now). Here’s hoping that things go well, that we have fun and that I won’t have to walk the plank afterwards…

(p.s. just today I received rvsp for 4 kids…yay! My 7th grade self is giddy once again!)

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  1. Go get em tiger!!!

  2. Erin Tales says:

    It will be fun! Dont stress. i stress too much about these things too – just not worth it in hindsight. And you are a kick ass mom! LMAO!

  3. Bloggymommy says:

    If you plan it they will come! lol No seriously, good luck! I hope he has a g-arrr-eat time!

  4. hippos toes says:

    No matter what you do you’re already a kick a$$ mom :). Let us know how it goes. Happy Birthday Cameron!!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh a treasure hunt good idea!!!! that’s going to be fun. And a treasure chest pinata, great!..The whole idea of candy falling out of the sky seems to appeal to them…..lol! will you be face painting bears, and eye patches?

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