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The Mom Buzz Happy New Year, Ladies! Let’s jump right into the cool stuff that’s going on in the blogosphere – brought to you by the Mom Buzz!

New Feature!
Cat from 3 Kids and Us has started a new feature on her blog. It’s called “Sunday Spotlight”. And guess you got the first guest spot? Playdate Picks! :woot: :woot: She did an awesome job introducing the Mom Buzz’s collaboration with 4 other blogs. Just imagine what she can do for you. If you want to be featured, learn how HERE.

So, the other day I happened upon the Boulie Blog. What really caught my attention was Gretchen’s pink post, where she featured a decoupaged and handpainted heart-shaped bauble. Really pretty. Really pink. LOL. At her Etsy shop, ChichiBoulie, she features ” a world of colourful and lively artwork for wee ones and the young at heart.” Gretchen also does customized work.

Next up is My Gypsy Goods. I’ve been dropping on her for months. Her name intrigued me at first, but her Etsy shop has cool finds. For one, I like her Skull Eyeglasses Leash. (Is that what you call them?) I like anything with skulls – I know, dark for the Mom Buzz. I also love her “Pretty Poodle Deluxe Drawstring Cloth Gift Bags“. They are so… retro? Chic? Very cool! They can hold cosmetics, small soaps, herbs, jewelry, pocket mirrors, shop promos and/or treats!

Introducing, Playdate Picks. A collaboration of 5 blogs (soon to be 6). Expect mostly reviews for the coolest products from each of the contributor’s websites. Of course, there will be contest listings. Look out for Contest Sundays where there is a Mr. Linky so everyone can leave their Contest PermaLink. And there is a fun forum and a Mom Blog Directory, which is accepting buttons from Mom Reviewers, Mom Blogs and Boutiques with Products for Moms and their kiddos.

4BabyAndMom is throwing a Fiesta in February, and you are invited! February 1st, 2009, starts a series of reviews of awesome products and stores that are perfect for babies, children and moms!! Sponsors include Leg Huggers, Sidder Bug Creations, The Diaper Clutch (I so need one!), Sand Dune Publishing Co., Bobs and Lolo and more!

Cat at 3 Kids and Us is throwing a Bloggy Baby Shower. Ooooh – I can’t wait for these goodies! So grab a button and wait anxiously for this one to start in February!

Go Graham Go and Jolly Mom are throwing a party just for moms called Mom Time in ’09!

Okay, this line got me at My Looneyverse. “Letting the kids dance on the coffee table did not turn them into strippers”. LMAO! Read more Mom Wisdomisms from My Looneyverse and get a good chuckle!

GET YOUR ROCK STAR TOUR NAME, courtesy The Power of Housewife Word of Mouth! It’s pretty funny. I have to join in. Just follow the instructions and post it on your blog. Let me know if you do it!

Okay, I was reading Pregnancy Power and saw that Nicole is having a “difficult” pregnancy. Right now she is wondering when it starts to get easier.(mwa-ha-ha). We all know every pregnancy is different, but you might want to stop in and give some help and advice. We’re listening, Nicole!

Crafting Bliss has a wonderful craft to do with your 2008 Holiday Cards. I personally use them for gift tags the following year. But Linh will show you how to do a card collage!

Family Foto Fun Friday hosted by Diana’s Daily Ramblings. This weeks theme was NEW. Easy to join in on the fun, eh?

Ladies, how did everyone get to review Fruit Roll-Ups and why wasn’t the Mom Buzz invited. Well, I’ll be entering all these contests for CUSTOMIZED FRUIT ROLL-UPS! How wickedly cool! You can enter at:


Ohana Mama has awesome give-aways too! Don’t forget to enter to win Eyes Cream Shades and Love Bottle!

Plus, the Mom Buzz is giving away Zoobies and two Hip-T’s!

Phew. That was a lot, and as usual I didn’t get to share EVERYTHING I read, saw or was invited to read. But, please keep sharing your buzzworthy posts with me every Saturday at the Mom Buzz. I leave up Mr. Linky and you share with me your favorite posts of the week for me to review and buzz!

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  1. Gerritnow says:

    Hey, thanks for the links back to my giveaways from your blog. Truly amazing.

    On the right hand corner of my blog are video news feeds that are updated every hour, it enables you to stay abreast of news in the US and abroad while you surf the net.

    You can either watch the videos or minimize the screen and just listen. News feeds are looped so you will not have to interrupt your internet shopping on wonderful sites like Savespro.com

    I also welcome feedback. Take care and thanks for visiting gerritnow.blogspot.com

    Debbie xx

  2. Haasiegirl says:

    We have fruit rollups too..they were from blog spark. :-)

    Great post!


  3. Thanks so much for the buzz- I am loving your site. :)

  4. Stacey Moore says:

    thanks so much for the buzz!
    happy birthday!
    enjoy your day!

  5. I posted the rock star name game, fun! Thanks for sharing.

  6. ChichiBoulie says:

    Thank you very much for “buzzing” me. What a lovely surprise to find in my inbox today.

  7. Thanks so much for posting me and listing all the other great sites!

  8. Cat@3KidsandUs says:

    Thanks so much for all of the buzz! You are the BEST!!!

  9. Erin Tales says:

    LOL! Thanks for letting me know! I swear, they dont sell tribbles any more. :(

  10. I am Harriet says:


  11. Thanks for the buzz Erin! I will be checking out the other buzzworthy sites!

  12. AlteredGypsy says:

    Thank you for the buzz!
    (the tribble & 2 VHS tapes set on my blog was a gift from about 9yrs ago).

  13. Diana - FreeStyleMama says:

    Mahalo for the Buzz!

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